50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #10

A wake up call

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 154
We got raided by pirates. We noticed the ship and tried to escape, but a storm hit us. The sea whipped our vessel like a leaf in the wind. It was hard to brace for the cannon fire, because the loud rumbling of the enemy cannons was covered with the thundering storm and rain. The crew just barely heard my commands through the windstorm. Fortunately, we got out of the storm. Unfortunately, so did the Rusty Cannon, a pirate ship. We still tried our best to evade their cannons and tried to return fire, but our crew was not really trained to shoot the cannons accurately. That was my mistake.

After a while, they caught up to us and boarded. Even with all of our crew, we barely gave them a challenge. They robbed almost all of our cargo and the booty chests in my cabin. But at least they did not kill everyone or loot our personal belongins. I got a severe hit in my head that left a scar, but most of our crew did survive. We lost Björn Jörgen, Jin Jens, Bul Bonnet, Corn Coppy and Gab Gaels. Björn was the biggest loss. We had traveled together since Karas turned pirate many moons ago.

I have learned much from this encounter. I have trained the crew to escape and evade, fight only when needed. This has to change. I must return to New madrid and hone my fighting skills. After that I must train the crew to fight and shoot accurately even in the direst circumstances. Now we must return to Kiera and gather our forces.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 156
We evaded Perdition, the ship of Torquemada. I must keep in mind that they roam in the Kieran seas. I hope they stay there.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 159
We arrived in Kiera. We must return to Mermaid Rocks to gather the mermaid crystal. We need money to get running again. Today we shall drink for those we lost at sea.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 164
We got a small amount of the crystal. It seems half of the Kieran empire heard about that place and mined it almost empty. We did not see any mermaids to capture, so we tried circling mermaid rocks and searched near the flotsam sea. We might have seen an electrical mermaid there, but only Locke saw it. An interesting creature. So mermaids might control the elements too…

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 169
We got back to Kiera, sold the crystal, loaded our ship and started our journey back to New madrid.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 174
We met an interesting trader at sea today. It was a visitor, subspecie: “Indian”. The human races are sometimes difficult to understand, because there are two kinds of Indians. Same name, different race and culture. They were selling different kinds of fabrics and trinkets. I bought a magic potion from them that should cure all nonphysical ailments instantly. I must research the different elements in this potion. Maybe I can replicate the effect with a spell.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 191
After a long journey, we finally arrived in New madrid. I and Locke almost instantly ran to Martinez for a course in swordfighting. It was a high price to pay, but I hope it will pay itself back in the future.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 198
We have finished our training. I have mastered a new technique and I am ready to use it in combat. Tomorrow we leave for Baltimus to hire new crew and to ask Bori Balfor if he still needs the plants from Torath-Ka. In that savage land I hope we can train our crew to fight better.

For too long, our crew was on the backfoot. Reacting to threats, rather than preventing them. Rest of the sea was bigger than us, stronger than us. We were mice, hiding in the shadows, hoping the giants would not see us. No more. Our ship is no longer on the defense.We are the giants now.



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