50 Fathoms

Captains log #17: How I saved the world: Chapter 2

By Bos The Scurillian

After a long journey from the Teeth, I arrived in Paltos. I had deduced that Tomas should be here. How, you ask? Simple. Tomas was a crewmember on the Valiant. Valiant is a privateer ship. Privateers catch pirates. Pirates are taken to the Paltos prison, until they are given a spot on coaker mountains. In conclusion: Tomas should be in Paltos. Our crew needed a drink and the company of promiscuous women, so we visited the taverns Paltos had to offer. In the Coconut Grove, the bartender challenged us:

“Bwahahaha! I bet ye can not beat my pet monkape in a coconut throwing contest!”

“Bah! Even though I have an important mission right now, I always have the time to beat the lesser races blindfolded!”, I said.
And so I did. Blindfolded, back turned to the goal basket, I threw the coconut to the basket multiple times, proving my skills. After this, the bartender fell on on his knees and begged:

“Oh valiant hero, you must help me. My brother is shipwrecked in torath-ka, the savage land. You are the right person to save him!”

“Of course, because I am a greater being. My heroic schedule is quite full, but I will consider this request when I have the time.” I said and went to the Gaoler’s Due, looking for an actually challenging challenge.

In the other tavern, the crew was drinking. I saw a table full of people playing cards and discussing. They seemed to be privateers, so I joined their table. I was told that the man we were looking for, Tomas De’Orinjo, was in the dreaded prison of Paltos.

“Tomas, our fire mage, was arrested when we arrived in Paltos. He was a honest, hardworking mage. He is innocent! But alas, no man can break in or out of that inescapable prison.”, said a crewmember of the Valiant.

“But I am no simple man. I am Bos, the scurillian. I shall help thee to break Tomas out of the inescapable prison of Paltos.” I said

The crew cheered, even though I had just won almost all of their money with my great gambling skills. That night I hatched a plan of nigh epic cunningness. A few of our and the Valiants crew would cause a distraction if it would be needed. My plans never need backup plans, but just to calm the nerves of the lesser men following my plan, I allowed it.

At nightfall, we climbed on a cliff next to the prison. Then Locke threw a grappling hook to a cliff, creating us a zipline. I bravely went first and landed silently on the prisons roof, disappearing to the shadows. The crew followed. I led our team in the dark, calculating the routine of the guards, giving the crew more time to sneak past them. When we got inside, I followed my heroic senses to find the man in need of our help. Tomas was in a sturdy cell, shackled to the wall. In that cellblock were other captives in need of our help.

“How will you free us? None of you have the keys or lockpicks to open these cells!” Said Tomas.

“Do not worry, I have the ultimate skeleton key. ME!” I said, and started to bend the bars. Even though they were at least inch thick metal, I shattered them instantly and silently. And I repeated the same to the other cells and their shackles.

After that we just ran out of the prison. The guards tried to raise the alarm, but we were swift and ran on top of the walls surrounding the prison. A longboat was waiting for us in water, 200 feet below us. I kept the guards busy while the others jumped. Then I followed. It was a jump of freedom and justice. The cool breeze swished my cape as I was falling, but I knew it could not hurt. My shell is tougher than a mountain, hardened by the icy winds of Arfk.

We swam to our frigate and I finally got the names of the others that I saved. They were mages: a masaquani Kylie Kirrow and a kraken Grikk.

Tomas approached me and gave me a pendant.
“I am in debt to you, great hero. Take this. It is the Tear Of Lys. It can give you visions to help you. To activate it, you must tell a story of great tragedy that has happened to you. And you must tell this tale in front of fellow warriors and shed a single tear on the pendant.” Said Tomas.

I gracely accepted the pendant and thought:
“This will be hard, for I have shed tears only once before in my lifetime, when I lost Emmas…”



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