50 Fathoms

Captains log #18: To be or not to be a pirate?

By: Exodarion

We have been saved three mages from certain dead and now this task. Well hope people in this world still has morals.

Tear of Lys

We had just got it our hands, Tear Of Lys one of the most rarest magical item there is. Brave and great warrior should tell tragic story, so tragic even a greatest warrior should be dropping tears after telling it. And when warrior’s tear touch this relic, it should show a vision that answers our question. Of course Bos was our great champion. Scurillian tragedy was a little bit of different from ours, but it did the trick.. Bos told us about his wife, how its normal to argue everyday and almost kill each other in Scurillian relationship, how she died in a great fight and Bos should die like a true champion should in a great battle and how he haven’t had that yet. He had tried everything to get killed, he lived in Torath Ka for a while but still he stays undefeated.

I was so in to his story, I didn’t even noticed that he stopped talking and dropped a single tear on relic. I woke up when relic started shine bright light. So bright that it hurt to look at it, but still you can’t get your eyes out of it. Then all kind of colors started flashing, like they where dancing on air. Few seconds later vision started to show up;

I saw King Amemnus standing on a rocky shore and three women tied up to a poles. Amemnus had breastplate that had a Golden octopus melted on it. Next to him, stands Byron Baltimus, he had a breastplate too that had seal too. In his seal was leaping shark on it. ( Both of the seals was their family seals. ) There was two other figures too, but they where blurred so I or anyone could recognize them. Amemnus starts reading judgement for those three women. They’ve been convicted for an act of witchcraft, their father and sisters murder killed by drowning and for mercy of the sea. Three women cursed King Amemnus to drown, and when his corpse floats by their side, should his nation to be drown too as those three women did.

Vision ended and seems like this relic is a single use item. Captain Montoya orders me to write all this down to a Captains log and we continued sailing towards Timin. At there we went to a tavern, like sailors usually do. Few mugs too much later, we overheard senators daughter preaching about Jarris Jant, how he is a son of a whore and how he is bigger than a biggest whale in a sea. Our Captain tried to calm her down, but because of big mouth he get challenged in a duel, ’cause he offended senators daughter. Duel takes place tomorrow at noon.

Duel Day

Mister Inters, that had challenged our captain to a duel, gave his honor to a Captain Livis, Rana Racen’s soon coming fiancĂ©. Locke had chance to choose weapons. Swords it was, and duel till another yields or can’t fight anymore. Duel starts;
Locke starts strongly bu jumping over Livis, but Livis blocks it and says:
Your mischiefs doesn’t help you in this fight.
Locke starts to thing new tactics for this one. He starts to push Livis towards a pillar and Livis shakes pillar so hard that clay jar falls on his head. Locke tries to take advantage on this situation tries to disarm Livis but a bit too late. Livis saw this one coming too and fight goes on.
Livis chance his fighting hand on his left to a right and says:
Didn’t see this coming, didn’t you?
Locke answers and chances his sword on his right to a left.
Livis slices Locke’s shirt open and a nasty scars of his reveals.
I knew this Says Livis. Get out of my great town you rotten dog!
Well, I was, but then this get on my way.

Livis lose his temper and strikes with a force. Locke dodges, but his back hits on a wall a bit too hard. Livis continues with his furious attacks, but he is too slow for a Locke’s speed.
I thought that a important man, like you Livis, should have better things to do
Don’t worry, this won’t take much longer

Livis tries to kick Locke down to a stairs, but Locke jumps in a middle of stairs and says:
Well, its nice of you to take this fight to a poor people to see.
Of course, everyone has to see you lose

Locke knocks windows and tells everyone to come out and take a look. When people starts to fall out Locke continues:
Let’s see can I finish this and shut your big mouth
Locke hits Livis with his blunt end of a sword and Livis falls down.
That’s what you learn in Martinez fencing academy on New Madrid. Thank you. Locke bows and points his sword at Livis
You fight well for your lady, Locke turns around and heads toward docks. He turns around when Livis says couching blood
Hey, wait up. What is a name of a man I just fight?
Locke, Locke Montoya, Captain of a Rebecca’s ghost
Locke Montoya, bag your things and get out of my town. If I ever see you again I’ll kill you!

Locke leaves and we continued our way to Kiearra.


In there, I sold my relic that I’ve had with me for a while with a good price. Chest where bit too heavy and when I get on a ship I dropped it. Captain and Bos had their opinions why I carried so much money around but I told them what was truth. We leaved on same day towards Yumas where we should “rescue” Senator Racen’s daughter, Rana from forced marriage. It should look like a kidnap and theft. After a short moment we had a plan. Captain and Bos gets to a roof on Racens mansion, sneak up to Ranas room and gets her out of building with no alert at all. Me, Kylie and few other sailors got their backs at the mountain just next to mansion, if something goes wrong.

When we waited Bos and Captain, Kylie asked me about my past, why I joined Rebecca’s ghosts crew and why I choose Fire. Well, I told that I have been always get excited about fire. How it can be live safer and how easily you can take live with it. Why I joined the crew I told that somehow everything had gone terribly wrong on other ships, Deaths of old crew mates, destruction of fleets, disputes between crews and how in this ship, I can live different live than my past. I can feel myself free.
When I told myself I noticed Kylie getting closer and closer. She started putting her hands around me and then I heard rumble at the garden. Bos and Captain had been caught. I started throwing fire around garden and told Kylie put down my fires when Bos, Captain and “package” had been get a good distance about guards. Our teamwork worked fantastically and when we left back to our ship, Kylie gave me a look like she has some kind of feeling for me. Well, time will tell what’s really goes through in her brains.

Do I have anything against her feelings? Simply answer. NO!



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