50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #19 Shady cargo

by Captain Locke Montoya

Three liberated elementalist prisoners, taken from Kiera’s safest prison and a kidnapped senator’s daughter that didn’t understand why we took her. To top this up I humiliated officer of Kierain duel for the honor of the same girl I kidnapped later on to help his father. I think that I had right to be looking over my shoulder as we sailed from Yumas.

Rana Racen was quite the headache at start, for obvious reasons, but after I showed her the chest and letter her father gave us, things got a lot easier. I actually believe that she enjoys to travel and likes to see northern seas.. She isn’t actually that troublesome now that we have left Kiera behind… during our talk she noticed that Zarkhaels pet had something maplike in its shell. She might have wild imagination, or she might have spotted something important. Suprisingly adventurous type this girl and drinks like a sailor.. for a highborn.

Our second new female crewmember Kylie seems to be spending quite a lot of time with Exodarion. Not sure if its interest in magic or in person.. Huge piles of gold that Exodarion now has with him also might have something to do with this, but I’m quite bad at reading women it seems.

After two days of sailing we saw a Roc that approached. We couldn’t outrun it with the wind and it tried to grab our ship. Then Bos jumped from sail and severed the gigantic birds head like it was nothing. Sadly it still dragged three men with it to death and did some minor damage to ship. Even though we have been hardened by our travels, sometimes this world still gets a drop on us.

When we sailed to Cold Sea, weather was beautiful. I’d almost forgot how good it feels to sail on new seas. I sure wait to see the white rock called Arfk. We’d be in Kaja in matter of days. Rana seems to spend more time on deck even with weather being this cold. She also seems to appreciate these waters.

Grik left as soon as we came to Kaja. This northern town clearly looks the part of hunting settlement, with large marketplace for hunters to sell goods made from their prey, two dark and plain taverns and more Grael than I thought there were in Caridbus. After visiting market and pondering with Bos if we should go hunt our own Blue Bears and seals, but decided against it and chose to visit taverns instead.

As we walked to Holey Grael, Rana was already had quite a few drinks and shouted for me to join their table. There was a grael who had came across a map… a map that had islands marked to locate east from Kiera.. something outside known lands and rich with gold. I gladly paid 100 pieces of eight for it. Maybe after we’d got some more time we could sail there and pinpoint these isles for all maps. After few more drinks we headed for the other tavern. There I ended up in talks with masaquani with strange blue skin. His name was Kaleb Kandelas and he said that his skin changed colors in explosion at cold sea. He told about the ship he sailed on that carried gold and gunpowder. After a while we came to understanding and decided to salvage what what left of the ships cargo.

Next day we headed for wreckage with Kaleb’s instructions. He warned us about Orca’s and whales and so we chose to send a scouting party to find the wreck. Bos and Exodarion got magical protection from Kylie and went with Kaleb. After some time they brought with them chest and two dead Orcas. Bos proceeded to make some food from Orcas as we opened the chest. It had gold for 10 000 pieces of eight and a magical hook. We agreed to share gold with Kaleb and we also got the hook. This should keep Rebecca afloat for quite few months.

Now we’ve taken course to New Madrid. I should visit Ramirez as duel with Cpt Livis showed that my fencing skills aren’t that magnificent.. good thing that I don’t blindly trust in swordsmanship.

Livis. That man really didn’t deserve girl like Rana. Hopefully he doesn’t discover who was behind his fiancees “kidnapping”. That could spawn loads of problems with Kiera.



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