50 Fathoms

Captain's log #20 Fencing, treasure hunting and retirement

by Captain Locke Montoya

Rebecca’s Ghost sails for New Madrid. General mood has changed a lot after leaving Kiera. Some of the crew seem to treat me differently, bit more on their toes. Some with respect, some with… something else.

New passengers and crew start to find their place. Tomas spends his time circling around women and boasting about his adventures. He and Bos have also started to talk a lot about magic and becoming mage… Scary thought, Bos being a mage on top oif his unstoppable fighting style. I’m pretty sure Kylie and Exodarion have something going on. That doesn’t really bother me, but Exodarion seems to be absent-minded around officers meetings. Hopefully it doesn’t affect his performance if his skills are needed. Rana also seems to be handling herself quite well, all things considered. I’ve tried to get her something to read and make sure she doesn’t become too bored. Annoying that she seems to take pride in making me look bad with her noblewomas education. Still I get her to shut up and listen with tales of my travels… that’s something you can’t read from books.

We came to ruins today. Kylie helped us to send Bos and Exodarion to search it. Not much loot, but crew got some free time form normal workday.

We arrived to New Madrid. Exodarion changed few words with me. It became clear why he had been on his thoughts these last days. He had started to think about settling down. He had a small fortune that would buy him a house and get him going. He said he was tired of this endless struggle against Hags, as this was his second war against them… He also said that he needed to think about future, looking towards Kylie. I must say that I understand, but him leaving is quite the blow to our crew. Maybe it isn’t his fight… or maybe he knows something we don’t. After that he went to talk with Kylie.

I headed out to find someplace for Rana to stay in. I ended up going to talk with New Madrid’s men of cloth. They offered safe place for Rana to stay in. I also told her that she should go to ask Martinez for help if she was in trouble. Hopefully she doesn’t get in same kind of trouble in here that she got in Kiera.

Losing these people felt suprisingly heavy in my mind. As we went to take couple of drinks Bos also said that if our ship was being careened here, he would loan our dinghy and leave for Whip Islands to look for some salvage. He isn’t a persoin to take it easy it seems.

I headed for Ramirez fencing school to better my skills with rapier. Bos leaved with Dumond for Whip Islands. That’s quite the feat if they actually get there.

Huh. Rumors about scurillian and a visitor rowing close to Whip Islands floating around. They say that stubborn scurillian wouldn’t approve ride in a real ship. Seems that Bos want’s to keep shares to minimum.

Bos returned and tomorrow I’ll end my two week training under Ramirez. After that we’re going to head to South, Baltimus and Bluth’s Crown. Maybe in Bluth’s Crown we would get some information about Hags and golden triangle that Redbeard is looking for.

Maybe they could help me with wound that Telimos gave me… If they can’t I’m not sure what I’m going to do.



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