50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #21 Farewell and unexpected discoveries

by Captain Locke Montoya

We departed from New Madrid today. Rana came to see our departure. I thought that she acted weird. Then she.. then we… huh, didn’t even think that she was interested…


Tomas came to talk. Commented something about my inner fire, referring to Rana I reckon. Proceeded to ask if Annie was free for taking. That womanizer is quick to adapt it seems…
Feels like I should have talked with Rana more… first time for everything it seems. I’m actually waiting to return to New Madrid. Am I crazy? I might be dying… damn it. Need to focus.


As we came to Caresia I needed a drink. Trade companies were meeting in there so town was quite lively. After hard gambling and drinking I woke up in strange house the next morning. There was a parrot there, seems that I bought it while drunk. After getting my bearings and some food for parrot, it repeated a conversation it had overheard. Something about burying treasure and marking it with cross to old tree. After some searching we found chest on marked place. What was inside took me off-guard. Some kind of magical statue and a golden triangle, like the one we found in Mad Dog’s cargo. Seems that there is more to Red Beards treasure than we thought.


From Caresia we headed for Tuck. There we met Joshua Goldstain that needed help calibrating his chronometre for Caridbus. I offered to help. We also heard about pirate raids and looked around for their tracks. We found one of their shoring places, but nothing else… until we came back to village and saw smoke rising in north.



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