50 Fathoms

Captain's log #22 Among noblemen, play to remember, diary of Byron Balrimus.

Swift Death. Rumors tell that it is a pirate Kieran Cutter, captained by doreen named Brays. This is second time we encounter landtroops it has left to act on their own and disappeared.

As I and Bos ran toward the smoke we catched pirates looting the buring farm. Needles to say we attacked without hesitation. After felling pirates I focused on saving some of the wounded farmers. Seems that at that time leader of those pirates escaped. We took some of the live pirates to be convicted by Tuck’s farmers. They thought that we killing those pirates would get those pirates to think twice before attacking again. I hope they’re right, but I fear that Swift Death will return to plague weak farmers around these parts. Still we left for Baltimus.

This town seems to unfold new layer of filth everytime we visit. We decided to approach nobles and possibly Baltimus through theater again, to get our hands to Sea Hags’ true names. We got a deal that we would get invited to theater act that was kept to find allies to trading company. Some rumors float around tha in last tradecompany meeting, something happened and now things are gettig more tense between them. As we headed to tavern to write some guidelines to our fakeplay to get that invitation, some shady character tried to hire us to assassinate Bruno Baltims. He talked about some legendary magic sword he would give us and getting revenge againt Baltimus and his court for what they did to his daughter and famil but wouln’t go to detail. This haunted me for a while, but one doesn’t go to assassinate one of the most powerful men in Caridbus without strong evidence…

Our script got the wanted effect and we were invited by Lazenby to this theater night. Bos and I attended. Play was named “Merchant in Venezuela”. Reminded me of other side. It seems like a lifetime ago now…

Then the assassins hit us. They were after Lazenby. We and couple brave adventurers defended Lazenby against them, saving his life. He offered 3000 pieces of eight as thanks, but we asked if he could try to get us the names of Hags. Sure enough couple days later old diary waited us in Company’s office.

Mala, Maka and Mana Mallus. The ones haunting the Devil’s Cross. The ones drowning this world. The ones who were about to be challenged. Still, there is work to do, if we’re going to survive our voyage to Flotsam sea.



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