50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #23 Magic, peglegs and talking head

by Captain Locke Montoya

Not a day had passed after we got our hands to names of hags when a storm came from nowhere. Incinerator and Redbeard attacked again, but we escaped quickly. Does he sense the triangles, or was he sent there by hags to stop us?

Before venturing to Bluth’s Crown, we lowered anchor on Azy Cay. There we met “stumpy” Pete, a sailor with two peglegs. He told a tale of his adventures and about treasure they left behind. After a barrel of beer and talking we were set to sail and find that treasure after our visit to crown.

Crown is quite strange place. Two dozen mages learning magic in towers every day. I asked them about golden triangles, hags and my wound, that still seems to be getting worse. Didn’t get much out from them. They said that they could use the stones set middle of village, but they were crumpling from too much use. A ritual could revive them they said and told us about what they needed for it. Gold from Kehana Flumes, lava from volcanoes in Torath Ka, Air from Coaker Mounains and water from flotsam sea. With our route, we should be able to get those things, power from “stones that brought magic to Caridbus” could prove to be important in our guest. Bos also asked for week to learn magic.

Sitting around got under my skin.. me and couple men from crew went to stroll around the woods… Arn Abel fell as razorwings and monkapes attacked us. Losing first mate like this affects crew badly… it affects me badly.

Finally we departed and sailed to Azy Cay to start our treasure hunt. While in there I got in talks with Azy herself. She had heard about me and my work to get Rana out from Kiera. As she talked about it being a good thing and talking about helping women down in their luck, I couldn’t help but be scared. How many know about Rana? Where she is? How powerful Livis could be? It’ probably nothing, but its good to visit New Madrid after our trip to treasure island, make sure she stays at her toes.

Quite a treasure. Third of golden triangles and a mummified head, that talked when touched. It talked about powers and helping against hags before returning to its dead state… and gold. Lots of gold. And undead monkapes and giant monkapes trying to steal the head. Now it seems good that I let Bos to study magic. Now he cand grow somekind of sandarmor around him and become as large as the giant monkape. Still I can’t help thinking that his powers were acquired with Arn Abel’s life.

Need to stay sharp. Rufus might be waiting for us again.



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