50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #25 Fire of Torath Ka

by Captain Locke Montoya

Whole Ugak village waiting for feast of gods and we managed to disappoint them. As rest of crew didn’t get to village in time it was up to me to sneak Malai out from there. When they noticed me on way out, Bos released their captured yellowbacks on them and all of us got out without a scratch.

We continued east along the coast. I took small group to volcano and left rest to calibrate chronometre and watch the ship. We needed to find lavastone for Bluth’s magical stones and ritual to fix them.

Entering volcano is madness without protection from heat. Thomas enchanted me, Bos and Kylie and we started climbing down the pit. There we ran into salamanders that were according to Bos different from usual beasts, changed by their living place. As we attacked them we noticed some things: water hurt them, their tails weren’t armored like all other parts of their body and that whatever burned inside them allowing them to breath fire exploded when they died. With some burns and wounds we made it low enough to get our hands to right kind of lava stone. I was tired and releaved to be so close to our price..

Then I heard something huge breathing at end of cavern. The volcano shook under its legs as it rose from its sleep.. and then the beast roared.

Bos answered its challenge with his warcry.



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