50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #9

True face of mermaids

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 146
We arrived to Mermaid rocks. The mermaids were beatiful and captivating, but deadly to the weak willed. We hit a small reef inside the rock formation. When the mermaids sang, 4 of our men jumped in to the water. I jumped to rescue them and saw the real face of a mermaid. On the surface they appeared to be beatiful young women, but under the surface their real form was revealed. They looked like horrid, scaly witches straight from the deepest cave of the seas. While the men were captivated by their songs, we fought back. We killed 4 to 8 of those monsters. 3 men survived just barely and I had to resuscitate the last of them. It was a tad bit too close.

After this I ordered Björn to give a damage report on the ship and investigated one of the mermaid bodies. They seemed mostly to be like humans, but their insides were full of black goo and their bodies remained in the “beatiful” mode, even when submerged. They did not seem civilized in any way.

This spot was quite possibly their hunting territory. We saw other ships down under. And the
reef I thought we hit, was actually a captivating crystal formation. I ordered the crew to chip pieces from it, while Trix and I salvaged the sunken ships.

We found 5000 pieces of eight and a magic rapier. I have no need for a dueling weapon, so I gave it to Locke. We filled the rest of our cargo spaces with the crystal and started sailing back to Kiera. If the crystal is valuable, we might make a few more trips.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 150
We arrived in Kiera. We sold the rest of our timber and the crystals. We got 1600 pieces of eight for a fifth of our storage capacity. We must go back there someday. I divided the booty and we celebrated on our success. Tomorrow, we leave for New Madrid with a full cargo of iron.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 153
The first three days on the seas have been really quiet. Maybe too quiet. We have not seen any ships even though were almost out of the Kieran seas. Well, at least I have time for my research. Now that I can control water and air, the rest of the elements should be easy. The pieces have started getting together finally.

I am still uneasy. It feels like calm before the storm.



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