Bruno Baltimus

Most "important" figure in Baltimus


Confident, wellspoken young man, born and raised as noble. Baltimus loves theater and hunting, but his true talents lie in gold and trading. Even though he tries to balance his high society live with hunting trips, it can still be seen in his soft hands and rich mans belly that he is no adventurer, or victim of hard labor.


City of Baltimus was founded by Brunos father after flood. He fled the flood to higher ground and gathered merchants there to build trading post. As years went by city of Baltimus came to be one of the great ports in Caridbus. Some still think that he betrayed the last king by fleeing, but it must be noted how important Baltimus is for life and survival after the flood hit fully.

Bruno has taken his fathers place and enjoys his position fully. He lives at higher cround on Baltimus in huge mansion and has parties for other nobles in there. His life has started to alienate him even more from commonfolk, to the point that he seems to live in his very own world, where all is well all the time.

Bruno Baltimus

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