A scurillian who measures depth of the water around Caribdus


Over the course of a few months, I noticed the water level had risen nearly six inches! Numbers don’t lie, so I cashed out my retirement plan, hired a boat, and started cruising around the isles measuring the water depth. I’m sorry to report that Caribdus is still drowning. My best guess is that the Free Towns as we know them will disappear in three years. Within a decade, the entire world will be underwater and all surface-life will cease. You can imagine the wars that will be fought over the last few islands in the meantime as well. I don’t know why this is happening or how to stop it. My best guess is that our assumption that the Sea Hags’ flood was over was wrong. Perhaps it has just slowed to a steady drip. I had thought about asking Tressa the Red about this matter, but I have no means of navigating the Gullet, and am not sure she’ll want to share anything she knows anyway. You know how those damnable mages are with all their secrets and shenanigans.

A typical scurillian – rarely gives praise or thanks, but when he does it’s well-earned. He was rescued from a wrecked frigate, Lola’s Pride, by Rebecca’s Tears under the orders of captain Zarkhael.



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