James/Edward Low

Drifter from earth/bloodthirsty captain of Mad Dog


Englishman from earth, captain of the galleon Mad Dog. Sadistic pirate that doesn’t hesitate to attack surrendering ship and torture and maim helpless victims. He isn’t that imposing in figure, but his dangerous mind and person get even hardened fighters to shiver.


Low was taken aboard Rebeccas Tears with dinghy he was stranded in. He told how he sailed on Trinidad when pirates attacked it and barely survived. He told that he fainted from hunger and when he woke up he wasn’t on a familiar sea. Crew of Rebecca’s Tears nurtured him back to health and left him in Lanos(?).

Many months later Rebecca’s Ghost came across destroyed fregate. Its crew had been maimed horribly. Sole survivor told how attacking pirates had tortured horribly them, even after they had raised a white flag to surrender, and how their captain, Edward Low had cut his nose and ordered him to eat it. When trying to show some backbone, Low had cut the surviving chefs hands off laughing and joking. Many other even more horrific deeds where done to crew before their deaths…

Was Low always a bloodthirsty pirate or did this new sea warp his mind and make him a madman? In either case his reign of terror is only starting if Rebecca’s Ghost can’t stop him. Who knows, maybe even the seahags notice his dark potential…

James/Edward Low

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