Locke Montoya

Adventurous captain of Rebecca's Ghost


Young sailor with tanned skin and colorful bandana filled with trinkets on his head almost all times. His fighting style balances between dirty knife fighting and unorthodox use of his grappling hook that he learned while growing up in ports and ships of Spain from firstmate Emilio Azarola, and almost duelist like use of rapier and buckler taught to him while sailing on Rebecca from spanish swordsman Alfonso De La Fuente.

Ag: d8 Sm: d4 Vg: d8 Str: d8 Sp: d8

Fighting d8 (d10), throwing d8, climbing d10, boating d6, stealth d4, notice d4, navigation d4

Charisma +2; Pace 6; Parry 6/7/8/9/10; Toughness 6 (leather armor +1)

Curious (Major): Locke set sail to see the wonders world had to offer and ended up in a whole new sea. Locke is set to visit all docks in Caribdus and see for himself the wonders he has heard about.
Squanderous (Minor): Locke loves sailor’s life and the hard carousing that comes with it.
Big mouth (Minor): First mate Montoya is laid-back and doesn’t bother to think things through… even less so with the things he lets out of his mouth

Elan: Locke has confidence in his skills and still has young mans feeling of immortality… Fortune favors the bold they say.
Rope monkey: Locke has spent most of his sailor life on ships rigging and this daredevil knows just the rope to pull or cut to swing around the ship.
Boarder: Lockes time spent on rigging and desire to get to where the fighting is thickest to test his skills makes him a great boarder. The rush he gets from being the first one to set his foot on enemy vessel makes him even more dangerous as fear totally leaves his mind.
Acrobat: Lockes unorthodox fighting style, nimbleness and most importantly his daring have made his movement more and more acrobatic in fights, making it hard for enemies to predict him.
Ambidexterous: To fully use his skills with different fencing styles, Locke learned to use his rapier with left hand
Charismatic: Locke is quite social and when he sets his mind to something, his determination gets many to side with him.
Ace: Locke is a sailor to heart and knows his men and his ship better than anyone and as long as his mind is without doubt its hard to beat him at sea.
Quick draw: Locke is unpredictable and always changing his approach in fights. With training and preparing he has learned to keep his equipment easy to grab and his hands fast.

slashing weapons: First-mate Montoya has been taught by Juan Martinez in older style of fencing using mainly slashing moves. When using slashing weapon like cutlass his fighting is one die type higher.
Sweep: After learning the techniques of slashing weapons, lessons Locke got from Master Martinez focused on force and sweeping attack patterns making it possible to attack all enemies near oneself with one sweeping movement. When using slashing weapons, Locke is able to use Sweep edge.

Torso While shipwrecked in Torath Ka, Locke crossed a Jungle God and was beaten to ground for his trouble. His rib cage hasn’t been the same since. (-1 die type to agility)
Right hand (Healed) When luring out the ghost of Jomba, that dead whaler threw his harpoon through Lockes right hand, crippling it for 10 days.

Magical rapier Eder Amets, broken scimitar Arkaitz, grappling hook and line, 5*throwing knifes, leather armor and magical amulet


Laidback, foolhardy and adventurous sailor and swordsman. Lockes big mouth is almost legendary, not thinking about his words even under Admiral Duckworths judging stare. Almost nothing gets Montoya down and when something does, he’s quick to pick himself up and spend another rum-filled night in tavern. Pieces of eight are quickly traded for booze and company of women when Locke visits harbor as he fully enjoys the life of sailor… most of the time a bit too much for his own good.

Locke Montoya

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