Rana Racen

Senator's rebellous daughter


Beautiful, well educated and stubborn masaquani, Rana Racen is accustomed on getting what she wants. Her talent with speech as well as her masaquani build make it hard not to notice and listen her.. and she knows it. What differs her from other noblewomen is her outspoken nature and suprisingly hard drinking on taverns, where she talks against emperor of Kiera.

Her speeches have gotten troubles for her family, but still she continues. Is it the arrogance of young noble, or is she just woman trying to fight for better world?
Or is she fueled by pain and where is her mother? Questions remain.

After leaving Kieran empire she has shown marks of curiosity towards world outside Kiera and her frustration towards Kiera and noble life has made some space for


Rana’s life changed quickly when her speeches against Emperor were heard by Captain Livis. Instead of arresting her right then and there, he went to her father. Livis told senator Racen that Rana would either marry Livis or be arrested. After agreeing senator tried to find another solution, that wouldn’t destroy their family… and after some time his men ran into crew of Rebecca’s Ghost that was looking for help after shipwreck. Senator helped them if they would kidnap Rana and get her to free towns.

In short time Rana witnessed her father forcing her to marriage, her future husband defending her honor in duel and losing, with outlaws kidnapping her shortly after. Still it wasn’t long until truth was revealed to her and she saw the kidnapping for what it was: a way out from Kieran Empire.

Rana ended up in New Madrid under the wing of church.

Rana Racen

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