Tressa the Red

only non-kraken archmage in Caridbus


Brilliant and flashy user of magic, Thressa the Red is the only non-kraken mage that has mastered all four elements. Even though dedicating her life to secrets of magic, she doesn’t look like it at first glance. She dresses like swashbuckling sailor and her wildly flying red hair has grown to be her trademark. She’s called red for her hair and she’s grown quite fond of the name, so only a handful know her true surname these days.


Thressa lives in the Teeth on almost unaccessable tower that floats on a water glazier several dozen feets up from waterlevel. This might feel like she would be more of an hermit, but it is her interest in magic that has drawn her away from civilization. She has a talking exotic bird to keep her company and nowdays a scurillian named Equais has came to her and together they try to find solution for rising waterlevel around Caridbus.

Tressa the Red

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