50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #16
Wounded ship

I’m sorry Rebecca. Those cannons ripped you apart, miracle that I got you to shore. He came out of nowhere, his red beard flapping in the storm, just like before. This time we weren’t ready, fatigue from Torath Ka still lingering over us…

All seemed to go well as we returned from Thressa’s tower. Exa scouted the wreck that Equais talked about and came to conclusion that the sails indeed were magical. Problem was that somewhat hundred maneaters roamed those waters. We lowered boats and Bos took a dip in water and started to kill sharks as Exa went to gather the sails. Plan worked quite well, but still we lost Whedon, damn that sailors thick head.

You seemed to like those sharkskin sails and sailed faster than ever as we entered the huge river dividing Torath Ka, but the island itself wasn’t happy for our return and threw a heatwawe against us, paired with insects. After couple of days I fainted on your helm…

When I could stand again, Bos had gotten us to Kieran sea. It was nice to feel refreshing breeze of wind again. It seemed that I wasn’t the only one to fall victim of heat as somw crew and Exa were close to death due heat. Even Arn Abel had fallen victim to it… come to think i, he hasn’t been quite the same since, seeming to be somewhat thicker than usual…

At last we came to Kiera and got to relax a bit. We asked around for the mage Thressa talked about, but only harbor master could have given us something, but his lips were sealed unless 5000 pieces of eight were to open them. I saw more fit to go seeking for Valiant around Grey Mountains that were her hunting-grounds.

We found nothing but a some Kieran Soldiers building base or something around Terras until…

The storm rose without warning. As I heard lookout shouting about chip in storm, I already knew what I was going to see as I turned my head. Ship sailing through storm like a ghost. Single man on helm, red beard flowing, chasing us, looking for golden triangle that we found in Mad Dogs cargo.

Just as I tried to steer you away, Incinerators cannons roared and we were done for. All I could do was to get you ashore. There some skeletons boarded, but there was no sign of Incinerator anymore… like it had vanished when we came ashore…

I won’t leave you. I won’t betray you. One day I will sail to Flotsam Sea and there is no other ship I trust like you… just wait a while longer…

Captains log #15: How I saved the world
By Bos The Scurillian

Chapter 1

The world of Caribdus was in peril.
The curse was drowning the world in water.
Caribdus needed a hero.
I answered the call.

It was almost 14 years since the rising of the sea hags. I and a couple dozen other brave souls were sailing to meet Tressa The Red, the only known archmage of Caribdus, to ask guidance on our mission. We had just passed through the deadly river known as The Gullet. Before our eyes, there was a small island, suspended in air by a constant geyser of water. There were no bridges, ladders or other known ways of transport to the island, 200 feet in the air.

“Oh no, how will we ever get up there?”, said Locke Montoya, an adventurous swashbuckler and the captain of Rebecca’s Ghost, our trusty vessel.

“Do not worry, I can ride the geyser to the island and secure a rope for thee!” I said, and grabbed an empty barrel to ride on and a long rope. I balanced on the barrel in the water and rode to the deadly geyser. I was launched upwards by the power of the geyser. The gushing water would have blinded and disoriented any lesser being, but I had calculated the perfect angle to enter the geyser.

The crew gasped loudly, thinking I had met my doom. A few moments later I jumped through the geyser, soaring through the air. I used my superior body to navigate to the islands ledge and grabbed it with my strong pincers. I easily climbed to the top. I secured the rope and dropped the other end down, so others could follow. The crew looked in awe, as I stood atop the island, the wind swishing my cape.
Soon Locke used the rope I secured and climbed to the island. We saw a great mansion in the island and started marching towards it. Moments later, the kraken mage of our crew, Exodarion, followed us and brought the golden triangle of Rufus Redbeard, that our captain forgot to bring along.

We entered the mansion. A talking bird told us, that Tressa wants to test our worth with different trials. The door to the next room was locked with a magical puzzle we needed to solve. “The key is in this room.”, said the talking bird. Using my superior intellect and deducing skills, I solved the puzzle. “The key is in this room.” There was a map of Caribdus on the table. The map had a place called Azy Cay. Cay is pronounced like Key. In conclusion, pressing Azy Cay would open the door. And the door opened.

In the next room, there was a hall of fire, with symboled tiles on the floor. The symbols represented different mythological and natural animals of different elements. Standing on the right symbols would not burn, the wrong ones would scorch the skin off. Using my superior knowledge of the world, I lead our team through all the fire elements, unharmed.

The next room had a watery maze, full of little stones of glowing light, that would show the right path. We entered the maze and soon found out it was more like a river than a maze. Once again I lead the team through this obstacle. I could have dashed through it like the wind, but I was merciful to the lesser beings of the team and helped them to survive.

We arrived in the chamber of Tressa The Red. She had a scurillian with him called Equais.

“Welcome, travellers! You have survived my trials and have earned my respect. The curse of the sea hags is drowning the world. They have opened a portal through Earth, the world of visitors and they are flooding water to our world. I have tried my best to stop the flood, but my powers are fading. I need brave heroes to go on a quest to save the world!”, said Tressa.

“Of course, I will do everything in my almost almighty powers to help you. What do you need me to do?”, I said.

“Thou must spill water from Earth on the ruins of Ograpog and speak the true names of the sea hags to summon them and then destroy them. No one knows the true names of the hags, but I know an artifact that maybe can. You must find the Tears Of Lys, that will tell you the true names. The current owner of that artifact is a fire mage called Tomas de’Orinjo. He is on a privateer ship somewhere in the Grey Isles.”, said Tressa.

“Do not worry. Using my superior abilities I will discover the true names and destroy the sea hags to save Caribdus from drowning!” I said, and left the mansion, already calculating the route to the Grey Isles.

To be continued….

Captain's Log #14
Death of the dread pirate James Low

We catched up with Mad Dog. After a small exchange of words, a battle erupted. We used every inch of our sails and every tactic we knew to defeat that horrible pirate. Our cannons roared and cannonballs smashed at their ship. We hit their gunpowder cache and we saw an explosion of epic proportions. It was glorius. Even after that, some of their crew survived, including the dread pirate captain James Low.

We boarded their sinking hulk. Our crew coordinated a relentless assault of flintlocks and blades. They did not stand a chance against our mighty attack. I performed like a whirling tornado of pure death, leaving only blood and gore behind. After the battle, we regrouped and looted their ship. We found some good treasures inside and continued our journey.

Only a few days after that we encountered the dread pirate Rufus Redbeard and his skeleton minions. Using our wits and skill, we escaped Redbeards ship, but his skeleton crew boarded our ship by surprise. They were after a golden triangle we found earlier in the pirate ship we blasted to smithereens. Needless to say, we triumphed. After that, we knew we had a map to Redbeards treasure trove. The golden triangle has weird symbols that we could not decipher at this time.

We continued our sailing to the Teeth. After a week, we were close to our destination. The captain ordered a ration of rum to every member of the crew to boost morale. The next day, we arrived to the Teeth. And so begins the story of…

Captain's Log #13
How we saved the world: Intro

It was the day 294 of this captains journey. He likes to count days from the day he shipwrecked in Torath Ka for some reason.

We went to the estate of Bruno Baltimus to talk about the rising waterl evel. We wanted to save the world, but our funds were insufficient for a such mission. We would require at least some provisions and maybe a few thousand pieces of eight for the crew.

Well, that did not go like we expected. That bloody buffoon thought we were some kind of writers for a play! He thought our story of Tressa the red and the rising sea level was the synopsis to some play he could fund. Even when confronted about the seriousness of the situation, he stayed in his “ooh, look at me, I’m a noble with golden balls of elegance” bubble. Long story short, we would not take his money, because he is a bloody jerk and a human. He offered 3000 pieces of eight for a script in six months. Bah. I will write the story when we save the world. And only to shove that wad of pergament up that nobles ass.

Anyway, after this discussion, we went back to the ship. Locke announced that there will be rough times and a long journey ahead of us. Four of the crew left, because they thought that this mission would be too much for them. We hired the five pirates we caught earlier to fill the crew.

We started our journey to the Teeth. We bought provisions in Baltimus, Lanos and in Brigandy bay. We sold the captured ship there to fund our expedition. We partied few days before the epic journey to the teeth. On day 305, we started the journey. We sailed for a day, when we found a drifting hulk of a ship. The crew had been slaughtered and tortured to death. We found only one survivor, Jim Black, the cook.

He told us that they were attacked by pirates. Locke identified the pirate captain from Jim’s description. The pirate was some visitor they saved a long time ago. Locke wanted us to catch him and kill him for his deeds against humanity.

And so we sailed to catch the ship Mad Dog.

Captain's Log #12
Return to Torath Ka, new beginnings, old shadows

Day xxx
Today I, first-mate Locke Montoya, took over the captains responsibilities on Rebecca’s Ghost. Former captain met his demise at lonely tower east from Brigandy Bay. Aarn Abel will serve as my first mate.

Day xxx
Feels like a lifetime has passed after my last visit to Torath Ka. Never saw myself becoming captain then, but things have changed. Mur and the new quartermaster Bos looked over maps with Exodarion, but both being fighters, there wasn’t much to learn. No matter, uncharted jungle holds more secrets.

Day xxx
Couple days in jungle and krakens need for water almost got him killed as huge snake attacked him during his swim. Good thing Bos was quick to act and snake was killed before more problems.

Seems that the wound from tower doesn’t like this jungle as it seems to be worse again… unless…

Day xxx
Monkapes attacked us today while we were gathering herbs. Jungle starts to show its true nature. Seems that hiring Exodarion was a good choice considering pirate threat as he threw a massive fireball towards the apes… too bad that it set the jungle on fire, burning herbs and luring Ugaks there. Need to find new place to gather tomorrow.

Day xxx
Jungle god in the guise of monkape fell today. Too bad that Zarkhael or Trix weren’t there to witness as crew of Rebecca and captain Abrahams were finally avenged. Today was a good day and it was good to see that Bos is easily worth his pay as he fought the giant with savage rage.

Day xxx
I took Mur, Bos and Exo to find some food from jungle as rest of the crew stayed and gathered herbs. Food was scarce and Ugak hunting party attacked us. I didn’t even remember how tough redmen were, but it was nice to face someting that fought like a man.

Day xxx
While looking for water Mur chased a deer to cave. From there we found diamonds. Its good to finally bring some booty for the crew as were going to travel back to ship in couple days.

Day xxx
Too hot to write. No water in two days. Exo looks very bad.

Day xxx
Finally were back at the ship. Sea helps to revive the men. Let’s hope this was worth the trouble.

The afterlife

Where am I? I can not see anything. Have I gone blind?
No, Zarkhael. You have passed away
No… It can’t be true! The Quest is not over yet! I wish to go back!
Your body can not accept a spirit anymore. You are a mere spirit, without a vessel to dwell in
But.. But.. What about Rebecca’s Ghost and the crew on it? They are not ready for this! I must protect them.
Your former crew can sail the ship, without you
But who will guide them? Who will protect them? I must return, until I am sure they can handle themselves!
Your spirit might be willing, but your body is too weak to hold a spirit
The captain goes down with his ship. Rebecca’s ghost still sails those wretched waters. That shall be my vessel. She is still tough and good as new. Even though I do not possess a body, I can still guide them. I have bled on the deck so many times it is practically a part of my body!
You would rather haunt a ship, than pass on?
I am not ready to continue to the afterlife. It can wait. Until the Quest is done, I wish my spirit to be anchored to my ship.
I can not forcefully make you pass on. So it shall be.

Last whisper in to the wind.
What is your sin my son?

Our cargo was stolen by pirates and few crew mates had been killed when those bastards take over our ship. In new Madrid we recruited few greenhorns and in Baltimus we get some more. After week of hard drinking we started our journey. Torath Ka, and some beans with good money in them too. One waypoint was too much. That “wizard’s tower”.

You may hear stories about it. Thick fog around ship and in a blink of a eye deck is full of undeads trying to “recruit” you. Well that was easy part. In to the tower it was a bit different. Tower of endless floors. All of them look little bit different so we didn’t figure out that until one of our crew got injured.

Finaly we get to the top floor. I recognized kraken symbol on the door and captain Zar told a bit more of this symbol. It was seal of krakens that use a bit different magic. Blood magic, dark magic, something that is not right thing to do anyways. I was ready to head back, because I had bad feeling about this but captain wanted to go in so I followed. In there was this long hall. Too long to fit in this tower. At the end of it was a throne, six bodyguards, undead all of them and their master. It turns out that he was a creation of a hags and it must be killed. He commanded all of his bodyguards to attack our captain. Then it was my time to open my mouth atlast. I shouted: “You coward. Do you have any dignity left on you? This thing is between you and our captain Zarkhael! Leave your creatures out of this and face Zarkhael like a man!” All of the undeads stopped their attack and he pointed me. “Fair enough, Attack!” he shouted back and all of those six undead turned their eyes to me.

Locke and I fight against these six bodyguards when I saw that our captain has fallen. There was no doubt about it. Zarkhael was dead. I told Locke to hold these undead while I took down this creature from the depths. I dropped my blades and crapped captain’s spear and that was it. It didn’t take long. Hag’s creation pushed his flaming sword right through my guts. I fell on the floor.

Last thoughts started running in my mind. I have failed, failed defend my captain, failed leaving my good friend Locke to certain dead alone here and most of all, I have failed my promise. Promise to love that one and only, Kianna… A good man should have start looking his lost love at first place.

Few humans have asked me what is your sin? Back then, I didn’t understood what they mean to it but now…. Now I know what is my sin. I loved more the sea than I loved my wife…

Captain's Log #10
A wake up call

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 154
We got raided by pirates. We noticed the ship and tried to escape, but a storm hit us. The sea whipped our vessel like a leaf in the wind. It was hard to brace for the cannon fire, because the loud rumbling of the enemy cannons was covered with the thundering storm and rain. The crew just barely heard my commands through the windstorm. Fortunately, we got out of the storm. Unfortunately, so did the Rusty Cannon, a pirate ship. We still tried our best to evade their cannons and tried to return fire, but our crew was not really trained to shoot the cannons accurately. That was my mistake.

After a while, they caught up to us and boarded. Even with all of our crew, we barely gave them a challenge. They robbed almost all of our cargo and the booty chests in my cabin. But at least they did not kill everyone or loot our personal belongins. I got a severe hit in my head that left a scar, but most of our crew did survive. We lost Björn Jörgen, Jin Jens, Bul Bonnet, Corn Coppy and Gab Gaels. Björn was the biggest loss. We had traveled together since Karas turned pirate many moons ago.

I have learned much from this encounter. I have trained the crew to escape and evade, fight only when needed. This has to change. I must return to New madrid and hone my fighting skills. After that I must train the crew to fight and shoot accurately even in the direst circumstances. Now we must return to Kiera and gather our forces.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 156
We evaded Perdition, the ship of Torquemada. I must keep in mind that they roam in the Kieran seas. I hope they stay there.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 159
We arrived in Kiera. We must return to Mermaid Rocks to gather the mermaid crystal. We need money to get running again. Today we shall drink for those we lost at sea.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 164
We got a small amount of the crystal. It seems half of the Kieran empire heard about that place and mined it almost empty. We did not see any mermaids to capture, so we tried circling mermaid rocks and searched near the flotsam sea. We might have seen an electrical mermaid there, but only Locke saw it. An interesting creature. So mermaids might control the elements too…

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 169
We got back to Kiera, sold the crystal, loaded our ship and started our journey back to New madrid.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 174
We met an interesting trader at sea today. It was a visitor, subspecie: “Indian”. The human races are sometimes difficult to understand, because there are two kinds of Indians. Same name, different race and culture. They were selling different kinds of fabrics and trinkets. I bought a magic potion from them that should cure all nonphysical ailments instantly. I must research the different elements in this potion. Maybe I can replicate the effect with a spell.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 191
After a long journey, we finally arrived in New madrid. I and Locke almost instantly ran to Martinez for a course in swordfighting. It was a high price to pay, but I hope it will pay itself back in the future.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 198
We have finished our training. I have mastered a new technique and I am ready to use it in combat. Tomorrow we leave for Baltimus to hire new crew and to ask Bori Balfor if he still needs the plants from Torath-Ka. In that savage land I hope we can train our crew to fight better.

For too long, our crew was on the backfoot. Reacting to threats, rather than preventing them. Rest of the sea was bigger than us, stronger than us. We were mice, hiding in the shadows, hoping the giants would not see us. No more. Our ship is no longer on the defense.We are the giants now.

Captain's Log #9
True face of mermaids

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 146
We arrived to Mermaid rocks. The mermaids were beatiful and captivating, but deadly to the weak willed. We hit a small reef inside the rock formation. When the mermaids sang, 4 of our men jumped in to the water. I jumped to rescue them and saw the real face of a mermaid. On the surface they appeared to be beatiful young women, but under the surface their real form was revealed. They looked like horrid, scaly witches straight from the deepest cave of the seas. While the men were captivated by their songs, we fought back. We killed 4 to 8 of those monsters. 3 men survived just barely and I had to resuscitate the last of them. It was a tad bit too close.

After this I ordered Björn to give a damage report on the ship and investigated one of the mermaid bodies. They seemed mostly to be like humans, but their insides were full of black goo and their bodies remained in the “beatiful” mode, even when submerged. They did not seem civilized in any way.

This spot was quite possibly their hunting territory. We saw other ships down under. And the
reef I thought we hit, was actually a captivating crystal formation. I ordered the crew to chip pieces from it, while Trix and I salvaged the sunken ships.

We found 5000 pieces of eight and a magic rapier. I have no need for a dueling weapon, so I gave it to Locke. We filled the rest of our cargo spaces with the crystal and started sailing back to Kiera. If the crystal is valuable, we might make a few more trips.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 150
We arrived in Kiera. We sold the rest of our timber and the crystals. We got 1600 pieces of eight for a fifth of our storage capacity. We must go back there someday. I divided the booty and we celebrated on our success. Tomorrow, we leave for New Madrid with a full cargo of iron.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 153
The first three days on the seas have been really quiet. Maybe too quiet. We have not seen any ships even though were almost out of the Kieran seas. Well, at least I have time for my research. Now that I can control water and air, the rest of the elements should be easy. The pieces have started getting together finally.

I am still uneasy. It feels like calm before the storm.

Captain's Log #8
Kiera, tales about mermaids, windchild

Tales heard in table of Locke Montoya

Our new ship, Rebecca’s Ghost, reached the end of her maiden voyage at dock of Kiera. Needless to say it was refreshing to sail on a bigger ship where I could actually move more freely and our crew seemed to handle themselves well. Zarkhael still seemed to be against Annie Mason sailing with us, but after ghost of Jomba crippling my arm I needed someone else to treat it than captain himself, for believe it or not, I was quite shaken by that injury and fearing that my sailor days would be over if it wasn’t properly healed and I didn’t wan’t captain to worry about me. Also talking with Annie when she changed bandages made me feel better… although she still refuses to talk of her life as a wench or whatever she did before we got her out of Brigandy Bay. Go figure.

Sorry lads, got carried away there. At Kiera I promised to show crew around Kiera, although I never before had gotten to higher levels of city, crew deserved rum and entertainment and so we drank all night carousing and I even them let know of captains history to motivate them… or to scare them, not sure how it lined up in the end.

Next day we went to Kiera zoo with Annie, Bjorn and Trix and after some time we were before empty watertank with sign that read “mermaid”. Scurillian watching over the park said that they had quite reliable information about mermaids location and that ship getting mermaids for showing was late.. Mermaids! In Caridbus!? I couldn’t believe our luck. For those that haven’t sailed beyond the storm outside Caridbus, I’ll just say that these beautiful half fish, half women are forever young souls that knew the secrets of deep and might have gotten their youth from fountain of youth… or man-eating syrens, depending on what stories one listens. Because I knew this might be my only chance to see one of these magical creatures you can guess which story I told to captain. Next morning we set sail to north-west and sunken mountains where mermaids had been seen.

On our journey we came again across Roc, a gigantic bird that ripped ships apart and this time there was no way around it, as it flew straight towards us, clearly ready to throw Rebbecca’s Ghost on the rocks and end our life. As my mind tried to find solution, captain Zarkhael commanded me to take the helm. He stepped forward and reached his arm as bird swoop towards us. Captain murmured something and it seemed like wind circled him for moment and then Roc stopped its charge. Captain pointed to east and again murmured something and Roc changed its direction by captains command and flew away. Never seen anyone to do something like that. Gotta wonder where captain gets this much power over animals and if he someday might stretch his power to control humans.. gotta say that for a while I was even bit scared witnessing this. Hopefully he doesn’t get angry with me telling about his history..

After this meeting with Roc, we were only day away from sunken mountains as we sailed to storm. It lasted many hours but captain didn’t leave the helm and even seemed to enjoy this challenge nature offered him. I could see the fire in his eyes that only comes alive when he is fighting or sailing against the odds. The fire that must be mostly burned away by the years. He seems like child of the wind and chaser of storms and I’m glad to sail under him.

After we got out from the storm we saw that we had arrived to our destination. I was sure that I already heard the sing of mermaids. Oh, what mysteries we were about to witness…


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