50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #1
The adventure begins

Maiden Voyage

When the frigate Rebecca is wrecked and beached on the dangerous shores of Torath-Ka, the remaining crew has to brace themselves against the natives if they’re going to survive the island.

Tales heard in table of Locke Montoya

“That old kraken? Aye, he’s our captain on Rebecca’s Tears… Nay, Rebecca doesn’t sail anymore, that’s why we call it “tears” you see? Let me tell a tale of how this came to be.

We were sailing with lumber in our cargo and the great city of Kiera as our destination. As we sailed by Torath Ka, whole ship shook like Rebecca had hit the shore… but as giant shadow passed under us, the crew knew that savage land had sent a beast to devour us… and as Rebecca started to sink it was only by great skill of captain Abrahams and hard work of crew that we shipwrecked to Torant Ka… I now wonder if the watery grave had been more merciful for our lost mates than what was about to follow…

As captain put other crewmembers to work trying to save his ship, we were ordered to find provisions and see what shore had to offer. There were four of us. Our doreen hunter, Trix, water elementalist kraken that now captains our ship and scurillian carpender Karas… Aye, he is that mountain of scurillian over there, I still think those pincers would suit a seamonster better. Avast, there we were at shore of savage land as we saw shipwrecked boat. As Karas tinkered with wreck to see if it would still sail on, with a mighty roar Yellowback charged from woods. As we started to take it down, Trix dropped down from tree to its head, killing it instantly. No idea when he climbed there. Quite silent fellow as shipmate, but makes him a good scout… what next? We put yellowbacks meat to good use and with berries found from forest we headed back to ship. It wasn’t long til we saw black smoke rising…

As we came to shore Rebecca was burning and only thing that was left of crew and captain were footprints and dragmarks leading to forest. We all knew what it ment and started tracking them deeper to savage land. It was hot and every sound marked a predator ready to charge us. Then we heard the sound of chanting and saw a 20 feet statue of monkey god. Before it was pool full of red tar… boiling blood. We saw 8 of the savage red men and their shaman leading this mass to their jungle gods. As we were ready to attack, he kicked one of the six survivors to pool and in mere seconds his flesh was peeled from his bones as pool devoured him. Our attack was furious and quickly 8 red men laid dead, but before Karas killed the shaman it summoned something from the pool… Always thought that they didn’t make the statues to look exactly like their gods, but its easier when you’ve seen the god you worship. And so did we as 20 feet tall ape rouse from pool. I sliced it couple times with my sword but it didn’t even notice and bashed me to ground. You can still see the bruises here. But Karas had a plan and he killed the shaman and the jungle god left, leaving us unnoticed without the shamans prayers as dirt we must have seemed to be to it.

That was the end of Rebecca and fair captain Abraham. We took the survivors to wreck we had found earlier and Karas put it together. We named it Rebeccas Tears and Zarchael took the pmace of captain. Even made me the first mate, probably for my swordsmanship and navigation skills. As the ship was ready we set sail and left the Torath Ka behind. By noon we saw a ship wregked on stones and a scurillian waving at us. We picked him up and he told us that a giant shark had attacked their ship, just line it had attacked Rebecca. Equais was his name. He told that he was headed to Teeth to investigate the rising tide and meet some red lady, but without cannons and food it would’ve been a foolish course, so we instead headed here, to Brigandy Bay, to gather ourselves and have some good drinks and local wenches. They talk that Black Queen is the grandest place here and I say they’re right.

To Rebecca and new ventures mates!"

Bid for Freedom

When enjoying an evening in the best watering hole in all Brigandy Bay, The Black Queen, the crew is asked for help by a wench.

Tales heard in table of Locke Montoya

“It was the first shore leave of Rebecca’s Tears as we came to Brigandy Bay… and legends didn’t disappoint when it came to this pirates nest. Drinking, women, tales, I think there was a swordfight atop the tables at some point, not really sure, night is quite the blurr.

As I woke up under the dock, sunshine burning my eyes I thought that maybe I drank my fill for two days that night. Trix was annoyingly perky and we went to get some food. There I saw the bosom that warmed me last night. Then Karas joined us. And then first bottle of rum was empty and there I went again, loosing myself to the drink.

At table my mate Karas started to talk about his shedding period and I got a idea to get his old shell a proper farewell with some of the legendary beauties of Brigandy Bay… and again the tables of Black Queen called us.

As we looked for proper wench for our carpenter friend, a redhead beauty caught his eye and he grabbed her on his lap. Under the red hair there lay bruised features of this woman. She said she needed help, that she was held there as captive. Her face and words got my rum-filled mind to look that place with whole new eyes. The bouncers on door, looking as much after the working girls as the customers. Foggy eyes of tavern wenches and their frozen smiles lingering on their faces… it wasn’t welcome realization..

But Karas, being the scallywag he is, wasn’t shaken by this: “Calm down girly and let’s see what the evening has in store for us.” She wasn’t too pleased with that and bad mouthed Karas like a true sailor, some insults being even to my sailor ears. As she was leaving Karas went after her. Good as my curiosity was getting better of me. They talked and Karas returned to table saying that girls name was Annie Mason. She had asked that we’d help her when she’d make some fuzz in tavern. Captain was still working out if we should help her as she changed some words in table of pirates. In no time there were bottles and punches flying and fullblown brawl was forcing us to decide on our feet and other started to escort her as I joined the fray to keep bouncers distracted. They got her out and I quickly slipped out too.

Outside I met others and gave my bandana to disguise her hair. Then I went back to see what was happening by tavern. I must say they really want to keep their women as they offered 50 for the one who would bring Annie back. Whole town was listening and quickly they formed a mob to hunt her down… and all I could do was to try and distract them but there were too many sharp pairs of eyes on crowd and they got wind of their direction. It seemed dire for my mates and Annie to get out from there and…

Actually, my throat is quite dry, could someone get me some bloody rum?!"

Captain's Log #2
Of pirates and privateers

The Low Down

While sailing the Pirate Sea, the crew encounters a curious drifter.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 16
On our trip from Brigandy bay to Lanos we saw a lone dinghy drifting in the sea. I approached the small ship and ordered the crew to investigate. There was a starving and parched man, passed out from the heat. The crew took him to a hammock below decks. After the crew lifted the dinghy on our deck, I tried to help the man.
When he woke up he started talking weird gibberish, also known as “english” and was in panic. Annie Mason knew this language and so did John Smith, so we asked them to translate.

The man was James Low, from Trinidad. He came from earth, but not through a storm, which is quite fascinating. Neither did they meet the maiden at any time. We offered to teach him about our world and to take him to the next port. In exchange, he offered 50 silver pieces and his dinghy.

Admiral Duckworth

Nearing her destination, Rebecca’s Tears is stopped by the HMS Justice.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 18
Today we were stopped by a privateer vessel, HMS Justice. Our ship was checked for illegal cargo. Admiral Duckworth invited me and the first mate aboard their Man Of War and we were tested by Justice Bringer, the magical cutlass of admiral Duckworth. The sword can somehow detect pirates by touch. It was an interesting item, because detecting such vague characteristic elements is quite difficult, even with magic.

But I am glad that Locke did not make the sword detect his almost pirate intentions. I fear that one day he might turn to the adventurous and wild pirate life. I shall use this experience as a moral compass for our future actions.

Vanishing Farmers

Looking for work, the crew hears of an unusual trouble in Lanos, Cuwayo.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 23
We arrived at Lanos 3 days ago. We searched for work and heard that some farmers had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. We had nothing else to do and the job payed well, so we agreed to help. We started by patrolling the borders of Lanos and found a camp that had been used. It seemed like an opium smuggling operation. We tried to track the small road to the camp, but it seemed to go on for miles, so we turned back. Just when we were preparing for a longer trip, the smugglers had returned to their camp. I ordered the crew to get ready to ambush them if things go south and I tried to talk to the smugglers. Almost immediately they attacked us and my crew ambushed them from the bushes.

After a short fight we interrogated one of them. They were opium smugglers and the vanished farmers had been killed, because they got too close to the operation. “Belt Buckle” did not talk much. But we heard a ship called “Swift Death”, a kieran cutter should come the next day to trade something for the opium. We informed the local authorities, but decided not to even try to intercept the ship. The opium was already destroyed and the smugglers caught, so there was no need to danger ourselves. But if we see “Swift Death” in the future, I hope we have a better ship. Our loyal vessel, Rebecca’s tears is just a mere skiff. We would not stand a chance if they wanted to take revenge.

Today, we leave for Baltimus.

Captain's log #3

Captain Zarkhael ordered me to write few lines on the log book. He had to think what next.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 25
One day sailing behind, we more hours and we were supposed to be at Baltimus. We saw a ship sailing when they noticed us, they started to getting closer. Our captain didn’t want to take any risk so he took us to the shallows and we found a fast stream over there and ran away. It was not sure was those another privateers, humble marketeers or pirates. Hopefully not someone in need of help.

At Baltimus captain said that we are off for duty for today, and tomorrow he will told us have he find any jobs or cargo for us. I start investigating this town, what can be found in here. I found this shop, Konaidas’ World of Wonder, which one sold trinkets and some magic items. Few items got my eye, but price wasn’t tempting. Wooden compass, 30 000 pieces of eight, bow ornament that looks like a dragon head, 50 000 pieces of eight. I bought few cheap trinkets and Konaidas wasn’t pleased that I asked him about these intresting this. He was a salesman, he should know that this wasn’t a good way to treat customers. Anyways, bow ornament was familiar. It should be bottom of a ocean in the bow of a ship called, Magma Dragon. Captain Zarkhael have told us about that ship.

Evening I went to a tavern, Severed Head was the name. Few drinks later, crowd urged me to tell a story how this tavern got it name. Mongrel told me that story once and I started to tell it. How red men was vanquished at Kuwayway and the owner of tavern took red men’s leader head of with single slice of an axe at there. One of the crowd corrected me that the battle took place in here and the head was on a stick right here, where the tavern now stands. I should have known that all Kehanas are the same. Lying, murderous, bad mannered, cunts. Next time I see that son of a whore, I surely will beat the crap out of him…

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears day 26
Few business at the Baltimus, and we load our cargo and took direction back to Lanos.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears day 27
Old cargo to the buyer and new cargo back in and we set sails back to Baltimus hold full of gunpowder. Hopefully no pirates on the way back there. Seems like we have found a good streams to both directions, ’cause this tooks us only one and a half day. Most of ship this distance tooks two.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears day 29
We made a plan yesterday what to do next and captain said that this is going to be longest trip that we have had taken so far. We are going to try a find good salvage items in Whip Islands. Desperate man’s last rat hole, they called these islands. With good luck, you will find something valuable in there. Well captain Zarkhael know what he is doing. We set sails and took course to the Whip Islands.

Captain’s log Rebecca’s tears day 37
We have finally arrived to first of the Whip Islands. Luckily there was a wreck on the coast. I took lead and swiftly looked the ship above water level. Nothing but I had a feeling that we need still look behind our backs. Me teamed up John, Locke and Karas stayed above water level. Me and Captain Zar, looked below it. As fast as Captain dived in to a water, keeping as much as noise he could, we were attacked by these ugly creatures, that Hags have brought to this world, Octopons... Man looking creatures with four tentacles. I dive next to captain and tried to strike one of these creatures. I made a huge mistake by rushing so much but captain wasn’t that good fighter for the record. Captain got away from these creatures but I got one too powerful strike. Pain flowed trought me and time was slowing down. Few seconds later I couldn’t see anything. Was I dead? Was I failed? I didn’t know what happend.

Moments later, someone crapped me and I realized that I was alive. Locke and Karas have dived in to the water and killed these creatures. Black ink had darkened the water. Captain healed me as much as he could and searched the ship. We got some pieces of eight and a magical spear. Good thing for a captain. Now he got himself a good weapon. I was in pain, but we continued our salvaging quest further. Good start for this adventure.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears day 43
There was nothing more, one the islands. Few pieces of eight more in our wallet. Well, at least some action. We got attacked by pirates, well they tried to board us, but we board them first. Locke was first on their ship and I followed. Few seconds later Captain Zarkael slayed their captain by one single throw with his new spear. Maybe he wasn’t a bad fighter after all. We downed their forces one by one. Then something happed, something that almost instantly boild my blood and rage took over me. Miquel was sliced very badly and he fell on the deck. I took our captains spear on the corpse next to me and striked it right trought this pirates chest. It wasn’t enough, I turned the spear inside his guts and sliced it straight up to his throat, ripping his chest open. When pirate fell on the deck I strike a spear again throught him nailing his dead body to the deck.

That’s what you get for trying to kill my friends. Seems like Miquel got some luck with him. Wound was bad, and should kill a man but not Miquel.

Me, Karas and John took their ship under our control and take course back to the Baltimus.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears day 49
Karas had started to act weird. I have heard him mumbling something about a taking over the ship. Tomorrow I should tell a captain that maybe he is planning a mutiny.

Captain's Log #4
Betrayal and hardships

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 50
We arrived to Baltimus. When Rebecca’s tears got to the dock, we saw our captured pirate ship change course. Our crewmembers Trix and John Smith were thrown overboard by Karas. We jumped on a dinghy and rowed to save them from drowning. Of course, they can swim, but this time they were wounded by Karas and his pincers. They told us that Karas had gone mad, talking about kraken black magic and something about the kehana. Karas captured our captured ship that probably had been captured before, by the pirates. Karas is now a pirate. This is a moderate setback in our business.

We searched the city for work. Bori Balfor told me, that he would pay 800 pieces of eight for each plant specimen we bring from Torath-Ka. And the plants are deep in the inland. We need a bigger ship to make that trip profitable.

That night the grog flowed and the crew was drunk. So was I. The bitter loss of the sloop weighed my consience. The crew was expecting a big payout, but did not get one. We must find a great treasure in the whip islands to set things right. Tomorrow, we leave for New Madrid, but take a small detour through whip islands. We hired a new carpenter, Björn Jörgen. He is a viking from earth, somewhere around the 18th century.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 53
It seems Duckworth is still in these seas, searching for pirates. HMS Justice was traveling with some galleon. The galleons crew inspected us. The captain of that ship seemed a bit jumpy. Maybe a privateer in training or something. We had nothing to hide, so we let them go through our cargo. Well, we did not have any cargo, only provisions.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 60
We had to change course to avoid a swarm of razor wings. A day almost wasted. But food nor water is the problem, so this is only a minor setback. The biggest problem is paying the crew their pay. I told the crew that when we hit the next port, they would get their pay.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 62
Yesterday we saw a small fleet composed of a junk, 2 brigantines and a galleon. Just as a precaution, we tried to avoid them. They clearly changed course and tried to chase us. Today, after 16 hours of maneuvering, we lost them. They could have been pirates or privateers. We could not afford to make the mistake of letting a pirate fleet too close.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 64
Today we passed by Kuwayway. We saw the “haunted” fort, but we also saw a lot of sea turtles on the beach. We could make a few extra coin if we kill them and sell them at any port. We left them alone, for now.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 67
We arrived to New Madrid. I payed the crew and used my own money to give them what they deserve. But I told them that the booty we had found earlier will be used to get a new ship, not shared amongst the crew. They agreed, but did not like this one bit. I can relate to their grief, but this has to be done. If I give them the “extra”, they will spend it on booze and women. If we get at least a frigate, we can start making some real coin through trading.

New Madrid is a weird place. Almost everyone speaks “Spanish”, some earth language. Everything is written with that too. The place is mostly populated by humans. The bullfighting arena was a disappointment. No fighting was happening at the time, only dancing and music. I wasted 8 pieces of eight on that place. The taverns seemed to be ridden with slobs with ill intensions. I spent too much money on wine and greasy food. My body does not keep up with the young’uns.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 68
We went sightseeing with Locke. He wanted to show me the city a bit. We went to the cathedral, which seems to be some kind of militia base. People in black robes and a white collar guided normal townsfolk there. They seemed to be in the supporting roles of the militia, maybe healers. I did not see any other different ranked officers in there.

They had these “confession booths”, where the townsfolk could tell about all the bad things they had done. The booths did not seem magical, so there must be something about these “Priests”, because they can make the dishonourable pirates talk the truth. They had this book, that describes how to ward yourself from evil and expel bad spirits. It was written in an language I do not know. I must decipher this “Bible” they talk about.

We went to the New Madrid fencing school of Julio Ramirez. They seemed to focus on piercing weapons. They offered a course on swordmanship. 1000 pieces of eight for a week. We passed that offer. After that we went to the Juan Martinez fencing school. They focused on slashing weapons. They made the same offer, 1000 pieces of eight for a week. We passed that offer. But as we were leaving the school, some young’uns from the other school attacked. We of course defended the place. My eyes deceived me first. I thought they were grown men, but after I cut down the first attacker, I noticed they were just some young humans. After the fight I patched up the kid that I almost killed. That was way too close. I must be sure when and where to strike, before I make mistakes I could regret.

For our heroism, Martinez offered to teach us for a week, free of charge. I almost passed that offer, for staying a week in port would screw our finances. Locke persuaded me with an offer of 200 pieces of eight, so we could stay. I agreed to the deal.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 75
We have been a week in New Madrid and learned swordmanship under Martinez. But we must continue our journey. Our next stop would be Kuwayway, the haunted fort. But we would pass few small islands that belong to the whip islands on the way and seek salvage. But today, we would enjoy good booze and food, because the trip might be long.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 80
We have arrived near Kuwayway. This might be a hard day, if the legends are true.

Captain's Log #5
Death and Ghosts

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 82
We investigated the fort on Kuwayway yesterday. It was a mistake. The fort was empty, propably had been looted before. We tried to dig some remains under the fort, maybe an old cellar of some sort, but we did not find anything. The place was empty.

When night came, we saw movement inside the fort. I, Locke and Trix went to investigate. The place still seemed empty, until Locke was pushed from the wall. When I got to him, Trix was attacked. I started running to the other side of the fort, because I could not climb those high walls. I got attacked from inside the wall, but evaded the skeleton hand. I got to the other side and saw four or five of them surrounding Trix and Locke. One of them rushed to attack me. He seemed to be the leader of the lot. We fought for a while and in the end I was victorius. I was just going to help the others, but one of the monsters surprised me from behind and punched through my back to chest. I dropped to the ground in agony. I blacked out for a while.

Then I woke up to see the battle was almost over. I could almost see the reaper, ready to take me to davy jones’ locker. But then I saw a magical potion inside a carcass of the leader. My only chance! It looked like a potion made from Blood Fruit, the magical fruit of Maroa, that could heal any wound instantly. I signalled Trix to help me drink it. I felt pain, then I blacked out again.

I woke up on the deck. I was told that Miguel died, while trying to avenge me. They thought I was a goner. John Smith had died too. I was devastated. If they would have just stayed in the ship like I ordered them… The only thing I could do for them, was a proper burial at sea. I ordered Björn to make them a small raft for their final trip. Tomorrow, we set sail. First to the edge of Flotsam sea, then to Wrasseton

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 84
We left the bodies of John Smith and Miguel on the raft and pushed it to the Flotsam sea. Morale is low in the crew, or what is left of it. I do not want to experience these losses in the near future. Maybe when we get the Frigate, we can take more crew.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 95
Yesterday we found the ruins of a mansion, under almost 17 fathoms of water. We have been salvaging it for a day now. At last we find something. We salvaged some silverware and other valuable items. The best finding is a bone leg, which is magical. Maybe Konaidas would be interested in this.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 96
We arrived in Wrasseton for a small break. A place that hates pirates, but act almost like pirates. The local harbormaster pays money for the heads of pirates, even if you do not have the letter of marque. A bit on the shady side. And the local brewery asked us to trade wine in a pirate port. We might return here when we get a bigger ship and a letter of marque.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 98
We arrived to Jomba Town. I thought we could use a night of hard liquor. We were drinking at the Dog&Ape, when Roberts came to our table. He took us to a forest clearing nearby. He told us about a visitor, which had been murdered by the local council. When we started to investigate this in the town, we heard a scream. We rushed to the origin of the sound and saw Annie Mason, the wench we rescued a few months back. She told us, she had seen a ghost and….[To be continued]

Captain's Log #6
The small and big victories

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 98 (part 2)
She told us, she had seen a ghost and his companion had been killed. The night had been long and we were tired. The best course of action would be to sleep and try to investigate tomorrow.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 99
Today we asked around town about the ghost, the missing persons and the council.

Jomba was the ghost that haunted the trail. Jomba disappeared many years ago under mysterious circumstances. The ghost only attacked redheads.

The man in the shallow grave that we found yesterday, was some visitor asking too much questions and was murdered, probably by the council.

The council consisted of 2 men and 1 woman. Matthew Reaves, Melinda Mels and Ian O’Connel. Ian is a redhead, which gave us a link between Jomba and the council. They offered 2500 to get rid of the ghost. Some fire elementalist had tried to exorcise Jomba before, but did not succeed. He made the ghost disappear for a while.

At night, we went exploring the woods, when we were attacked by 7 bandits. But they were not normal bandits, they were assassins of some kind. They shouted that we should have minded our own business and attacked. We of course defended ourselves. We almost got them all, but then Jomba appeared, attacking Locke, because he dyed his hair red. I tried to persuade the ghost to stop, but he did not listen. He almost killed Locke. I finally attacked the ghost and it disappeared, but I knew it was still out there. We healed our wounds and went back to the ship.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 100
We were sure that there is something foul in this mystery. We gathered more information and heard the owner of Shackles, Patrick, was also an O’Connel. We thought the best course of action would be to find some evidence from Patricks home. I and Björn searched while Locke kept the barkeep busy. We found what which we were looking for. The diary of Patrick O’Connel. The diary described how the current council and Patrick were slavers before they came to Jomba town. They did not like Jombas rashness and wild attitude. They wanted him dead. The book also described how Ian killed Jomba and where they buried the body. Tomorrow, I will speak to the citizens of Jomba and uncover the truth to them.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 101
We gathered the townsfolk to hear the truth. I told them what we had found and what had really happened to Jomba. The townsfolk rioted and hanged Patrick. While we were trying to get the council, they had escaped through a secret passage and blocked the way behind them. I am sure, that the ghost of Jomba will get them for a final revenge. The town offered us a week of carousing and 500 pieces of eight for our troubles. This will be a rough week. Maybe I could use a drink…

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 107
After a week of hard drinking, we were ready to leave Jomba town. A new council had been selected and the ghost had not appeared again. Locke wanted us to take Annie Mason with us. I thought she would bring us bad luck. And I was right. Almost immediately after we left the port, we were attacked by pirates. Our loyal skiff evaded the cannons, but not the boarding. We had to defend ourselves from the pirates. After a hard battle, we were victorius! We even got the captain alive, so we could capture the ship and take it to Baltimus.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 108
We saw HMS Justice again. They searched our ship and we explained our pirate situation. They offered to accompany us to Baltimus and help us navigate there with some helping hands. This trip might be the safest travel in my lifetime.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 112
We arrived to Baltimus. After some paperwork and an interview with the British East India Company, we got 2000 pieces of eight for the sloop & pirate captain. But the best thing was yet to come. The peg leg we found earlier was worth 40 000 pieces of eight to Konaidas! Of course we also agreed that all magical items we find, must first be brought to him, if we are going to sell them. Well, it was more like an unspoken rule, but I wish to appreciate his offer. Because of this, we have enough money to buy a frigate and arm it with the best cannons, good crew and buy some luxuries. And even after that, we still have a good trading fund!

Today was a good day. That night we drinked and planned. We agreed, that we could use a super. Trix agreed to the job. Tomorrow, we would get the paperwork done. Our new frigate will be ready in a week, the super paperwork should not take longer than that. I will use this week to get some cargo and equip our ship. And hire more crew.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s tears, day 119
Tomorrow, we leave for Kiera. Our ship is equipped, crew is armed to the teeth, cargo is full of provision and timber. Our crew quadrupled in 10 days. It might take a while to learn every crewmembers name, but each and everyone is a vital part of the ship. Except maybe Annie Mason. Locke insisted that we keep her with us. She can not sail nor fight, but she is a fine healer. Now that we have a larger ship, I wonder what Equais is doing…

This is my last log before we change ships. We had to sell the loyal skiff, Rebecca’s Tears. But we sold it to an aspiring group of sailors. I hope to see that ship again someday.

Captain's Log #7
Unnatural and natural beasts

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 120

We started sailing on our new ship, Rebecca’s Ghost. We bought enough provisions to sail a month or even more. The rest of our cargo is timber. Our next destination is Kiera.

While I was asleep, some ghost had requested our first mate to help him. We had to find some trinket the ghost had forgotten in his ship, Black Prince. This might slow us down for a while, but might be worth it. Changed course to north.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 121
The ghost of Iago Alfonso De Toledo was not lying. We found his ship, under the waves. The ghost used some magical powers of the afterlife and protected the crew and me from the natural hazards of the depths. But we did not expect unnatural hazards. We found the trinket Iago wanted, but when we tried to leave the captain’s cabin, 3 skeletons rose from the dead and attacked us. They seemed to have many unnatural abilities like darkvision and beastlike resilience. After we survived those, we started to examine the rest of the ship. When I went below decks, a dozen of skeletons rised to unlife. We barely escaped the small horde back to our ship. Iago got his trinket and talked about some curse his crew had. And then he disappeared. We had reasons to believe the ship was a slaver ship. We must investigate this again someday, with better preparations. I’ll mark this place on the map.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 130
Today we saw a ship battle happen. A brigantine shot another ship to pieces and fled the scene. We tried to rescue survivors, but we found none. The escaping brigantine was probably a pirate ship. We did not see the name of the ship and pursuing would throw us off course. We continued our normal heading.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 132
We got attacked by a pack of razor wings. The battle was horrible. We were not prepared for this kind of events. We lost a crewmate, one of our sails, broke a few oars and damaged our fishing nets. We buried Span Serio at sea. I must hurry my elemental research. I have almost unlocked the elemental secrets of air.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 138
We encountered a Roc, but evaded it. This set us back a day or two. My research is doing well. I must consult a elementalist at Kiera to get a few answers.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 142
We arrived in Kiera and sold most of our cargo. I explored the local markets and found a nice magical satchel, which refills with food at every sunrise. I was devastated to learn the price. Over hundred thousand pieces of eight for a bloody satchel. The price itself was an insult. I would need to live forever, otherwise it would be a waste. Maybe after I find the fountain of youth…

My elemental research has reached a huge milestone. I have mastered the element of air. I must test these powers in the field.

Captain's Log #8
Kiera, tales about mermaids, windchild

Tales heard in table of Locke Montoya

Our new ship, Rebecca’s Ghost, reached the end of her maiden voyage at dock of Kiera. Needless to say it was refreshing to sail on a bigger ship where I could actually move more freely and our crew seemed to handle themselves well. Zarkhael still seemed to be against Annie Mason sailing with us, but after ghost of Jomba crippling my arm I needed someone else to treat it than captain himself, for believe it or not, I was quite shaken by that injury and fearing that my sailor days would be over if it wasn’t properly healed and I didn’t wan’t captain to worry about me. Also talking with Annie when she changed bandages made me feel better… although she still refuses to talk of her life as a wench or whatever she did before we got her out of Brigandy Bay. Go figure.

Sorry lads, got carried away there. At Kiera I promised to show crew around Kiera, although I never before had gotten to higher levels of city, crew deserved rum and entertainment and so we drank all night carousing and I even them let know of captains history to motivate them… or to scare them, not sure how it lined up in the end.

Next day we went to Kiera zoo with Annie, Bjorn and Trix and after some time we were before empty watertank with sign that read “mermaid”. Scurillian watching over the park said that they had quite reliable information about mermaids location and that ship getting mermaids for showing was late.. Mermaids! In Caridbus!? I couldn’t believe our luck. For those that haven’t sailed beyond the storm outside Caridbus, I’ll just say that these beautiful half fish, half women are forever young souls that knew the secrets of deep and might have gotten their youth from fountain of youth… or man-eating syrens, depending on what stories one listens. Because I knew this might be my only chance to see one of these magical creatures you can guess which story I told to captain. Next morning we set sail to north-west and sunken mountains where mermaids had been seen.

On our journey we came again across Roc, a gigantic bird that ripped ships apart and this time there was no way around it, as it flew straight towards us, clearly ready to throw Rebbecca’s Ghost on the rocks and end our life. As my mind tried to find solution, captain Zarkhael commanded me to take the helm. He stepped forward and reached his arm as bird swoop towards us. Captain murmured something and it seemed like wind circled him for moment and then Roc stopped its charge. Captain pointed to east and again murmured something and Roc changed its direction by captains command and flew away. Never seen anyone to do something like that. Gotta wonder where captain gets this much power over animals and if he someday might stretch his power to control humans.. gotta say that for a while I was even bit scared witnessing this. Hopefully he doesn’t get angry with me telling about his history..

After this meeting with Roc, we were only day away from sunken mountains as we sailed to storm. It lasted many hours but captain didn’t leave the helm and even seemed to enjoy this challenge nature offered him. I could see the fire in his eyes that only comes alive when he is fighting or sailing against the odds. The fire that must be mostly burned away by the years. He seems like child of the wind and chaser of storms and I’m glad to sail under him.

After we got out from the storm we saw that we had arrived to our destination. I was sure that I already heard the sing of mermaids. Oh, what mysteries we were about to witness…

Captain's Log #9
True face of mermaids

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 146
We arrived to Mermaid rocks. The mermaids were beatiful and captivating, but deadly to the weak willed. We hit a small reef inside the rock formation. When the mermaids sang, 4 of our men jumped in to the water. I jumped to rescue them and saw the real face of a mermaid. On the surface they appeared to be beatiful young women, but under the surface their real form was revealed. They looked like horrid, scaly witches straight from the deepest cave of the seas. While the men were captivated by their songs, we fought back. We killed 4 to 8 of those monsters. 3 men survived just barely and I had to resuscitate the last of them. It was a tad bit too close.

After this I ordered Björn to give a damage report on the ship and investigated one of the mermaid bodies. They seemed mostly to be like humans, but their insides were full of black goo and their bodies remained in the “beatiful” mode, even when submerged. They did not seem civilized in any way.

This spot was quite possibly their hunting territory. We saw other ships down under. And the
reef I thought we hit, was actually a captivating crystal formation. I ordered the crew to chip pieces from it, while Trix and I salvaged the sunken ships.

We found 5000 pieces of eight and a magic rapier. I have no need for a dueling weapon, so I gave it to Locke. We filled the rest of our cargo spaces with the crystal and started sailing back to Kiera. If the crystal is valuable, we might make a few more trips.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 150
We arrived in Kiera. We sold the rest of our timber and the crystals. We got 1600 pieces of eight for a fifth of our storage capacity. We must go back there someday. I divided the booty and we celebrated on our success. Tomorrow, we leave for New Madrid with a full cargo of iron.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 153
The first three days on the seas have been really quiet. Maybe too quiet. We have not seen any ships even though were almost out of the Kieran seas. Well, at least I have time for my research. Now that I can control water and air, the rest of the elements should be easy. The pieces have started getting together finally.

I am still uneasy. It feels like calm before the storm.

Captain's Log #10
A wake up call

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 154
We got raided by pirates. We noticed the ship and tried to escape, but a storm hit us. The sea whipped our vessel like a leaf in the wind. It was hard to brace for the cannon fire, because the loud rumbling of the enemy cannons was covered with the thundering storm and rain. The crew just barely heard my commands through the windstorm. Fortunately, we got out of the storm. Unfortunately, so did the Rusty Cannon, a pirate ship. We still tried our best to evade their cannons and tried to return fire, but our crew was not really trained to shoot the cannons accurately. That was my mistake.

After a while, they caught up to us and boarded. Even with all of our crew, we barely gave them a challenge. They robbed almost all of our cargo and the booty chests in my cabin. But at least they did not kill everyone or loot our personal belongins. I got a severe hit in my head that left a scar, but most of our crew did survive. We lost Björn Jörgen, Jin Jens, Bul Bonnet, Corn Coppy and Gab Gaels. Björn was the biggest loss. We had traveled together since Karas turned pirate many moons ago.

I have learned much from this encounter. I have trained the crew to escape and evade, fight only when needed. This has to change. I must return to New madrid and hone my fighting skills. After that I must train the crew to fight and shoot accurately even in the direst circumstances. Now we must return to Kiera and gather our forces.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 156
We evaded Perdition, the ship of Torquemada. I must keep in mind that they roam in the Kieran seas. I hope they stay there.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 159
We arrived in Kiera. We must return to Mermaid Rocks to gather the mermaid crystal. We need money to get running again. Today we shall drink for those we lost at sea.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 164
We got a small amount of the crystal. It seems half of the Kieran empire heard about that place and mined it almost empty. We did not see any mermaids to capture, so we tried circling mermaid rocks and searched near the flotsam sea. We might have seen an electrical mermaid there, but only Locke saw it. An interesting creature. So mermaids might control the elements too…

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 169
We got back to Kiera, sold the crystal, loaded our ship and started our journey back to New madrid.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 174
We met an interesting trader at sea today. It was a visitor, subspecie: “Indian”. The human races are sometimes difficult to understand, because there are two kinds of Indians. Same name, different race and culture. They were selling different kinds of fabrics and trinkets. I bought a magic potion from them that should cure all nonphysical ailments instantly. I must research the different elements in this potion. Maybe I can replicate the effect with a spell.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 191
After a long journey, we finally arrived in New madrid. I and Locke almost instantly ran to Martinez for a course in swordfighting. It was a high price to pay, but I hope it will pay itself back in the future.

Captain’s log: Rebecca’s ghost, day 198
We have finished our training. I have mastered a new technique and I am ready to use it in combat. Tomorrow we leave for Baltimus to hire new crew and to ask Bori Balfor if he still needs the plants from Torath-Ka. In that savage land I hope we can train our crew to fight better.

For too long, our crew was on the backfoot. Reacting to threats, rather than preventing them. Rest of the sea was bigger than us, stronger than us. We were mice, hiding in the shadows, hoping the giants would not see us. No more. Our ship is no longer on the defense.We are the giants now.


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