Rebecca's Ghost

Class: Frigate
Acceleration: 2
Top Speed: 10
Travel Speed: 3
Crew: 12+24
Cargo Space: 10
Stores: 400
Handling: 0
Masts/Oars: 3/0
Guns: 8
Repairs: $140@
Careening: $1300/7 days
Cost: $30,000
Toughness: 15(2)
Wounds: -1/-1/-2/-2/-3/-3/Sunk

Heavy Armor. May carry 1 Dinghy and 1 Longboat.
Size: 160’ long, 40’ wide, 11’ above waterline.

Haunted: Rebecca’s Ghost has weird magical environment and some even say that ghost of old kraken has been seen on deck watching over the ship. This aura makes it harder to help ship with magic as ghost doesn’t like anything meddling with this ship ( – 1 to helpful magic) but the same environment that this ghost creates also makes hurtful magic take a boost when coming hitting ship ( + 1 to magic harming the ship)
Old: Rebecca’s Ghost seems to attract small seacreatures to grab to its bottom. ( + 50% to careening time and price)

Lucky: Some say that spirit of ships old captain still guides and watches over the crew ( + 1 to all boating and navigation rolls made for this ship)

4x 16 pounder
2x Bowchaser (1 in frigate, 1 in longboat)

1x Medicine Chest
1x Dinghy
1x Longboat (Has bowchaser)


30x Cutlass
30x Buckler
30x Leather armor
17x Gaff
17x Flintlock

Captain: Locke Montoya
First Mate: Aarn Abel
Quartermaster: Bos
Mage: Exodarion
Surgeon: Annie Mason
Navigator: Exodarion
Marine: Bos

Bos’s team

Pan Gibson – Human, Observant
Jean Paul Dumond – Human, Smart
Fors Ferna – Masaquani, Experienced
Hail Hofell – Masaquani, Crude

Locke’s Team

Walt Whedon – Masaquani, Clueless
Arn Abel – Masaquani, Fearless
Pit Purna – Masaquani, Gregorious
Evan Ferrel – Human, Cynic
Rocco Ransis – Masaquani, Modest
Del Rosa – Human, Greedy ex-pirate
Ram Rixon – Masaquani, Greedy ex-pirate
Jim Black – Human, handless and noseless cook

Exodarion’s Team
Peter Wilson – Human, Artistic
Elin Elliot – Masaquani, Young
Norman Daniels – Human, Heroic

Annie Mason – Human,

Cpt. Zarkhael – died when fighting kraken necromancer Telinos
Trix – died when fighting kraken necromancer Telinos

Span Serio – Masaquani, Gung-ho
Jin Jens – Masaquani, Old. Died at a pirate attack
Björn Jörgen – A viking from earth, somewhere around the 18th century. Died at a pirate attack
Bul Bonnet – Masaquani, Cruel, oldest of Locke’s team. Died at a pirate attack
Corn Coppy – Masaquani, Sneaky. Died at a pirate attack
Gab Gaels – Masaquani, Sneaky

Rebecca's Ghost

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