Tales heard in table of Locke Montoya

Land of Red Men and savage beasts Torath-Ka is.

Islands landscape is painted green by largest forest in Caribdus, hiding beasts, barbarians and secrets beneath it. Where there aren’t trees, volcanoes and mountains rise from ground and conceal most of the forest behind them. Heat is almost unbearable as sun hangs low above Torath-Ka testing those who dwell in its forests. Beaches are long and white, with driftwood and wrecks lying around like they were sprinkled by ancient gods to warn those who dare to approach this savage island.

When we shipwrecked on those shores I witnessed only a glimpse of world that Torath-Ka hides. Gigantic sharks, summoned by Ugak, preying on ships that venture too close. Yellowbacks and other reptiles lurking between the trees always looking for new prey. Barbaric Ugak tribes, more interested in lives of their victims than the gold in ships.

They took most of our crew to sacred place with 20 feet tall statue of Monkape god. In front of the statue there was a pool of boiling blood, where they sacrificed their prisoners to satisfy the thirst of this “god” of theirs. First I thought them as fools to worship this statue, but then I understood why Ugak are serious with their gods as from the pool rose this god to face me. Statue didn’t do justice to this beast. As last of the Ukagi fell the monster attacked me. My sword was useless against it as it beat me to ground and left, it’s bloodlust satisfied… but I didn’t die and someday that Mokape god will regret it as I sail to shopres of Torath-Ka once again.

That’s where we’re coming from. Only a few sailors could manage that journey with a smaller ship, build from scratch, but with peerless carpenter and sovereign crew it was only a start for our new ventures.


50 Fathoms Honk1n