50 Fathoms

Captain's log #26 Inquisition takes notice
by Captain Locke Montoya

When the battle between monsters seized I was bleeding badly and in need for Annie’s healing skills.

Bos also was battered, but also disappointed that in the end beast had fallen as the floor collapsed under us during battle. I think that he starts to doubt that my ship can offer glorious battles to him and that he might lose his life to some meaningles foe. Still m y pla to sail to Flotsam Sea seems to keep him interested in our mission. Still, marching deeper to Torath Ka’s jungles. climbing the moiuntain and facing dangers on this voyage are the moments he seem ed to enjoy himself the most. A true warrior, looking for thrill of the fight over all else.

There was a time I went to adventure with same mindset, with no fear for my own life, as nothing couldn’t be worth of not seeing new things, but now I’m not so sure… Now I actually have a reason to returrn and I’m not sure how to live with that feeling.

Still, there is larger things at stake than my own life and happiness.


Walking from the mountains back to shore felt like eternity with this heat on us. Kylie tries to ease our march with her magic, but still fainting and hallucinations shadow our march.


FInally back at the ship. Water. Don’t feel like writing now, going to swim.


Our sailing towards Kiera starts. In there we can relax and get more provisions. I hope that we’re still welcome there after our last visit to Kieran empire. Men need rest and possibility to spend their money. I hope that Livis didn’t have friends in high places or reason to suspect us. Still there is uplifted tone on ship as we managed to save Malai and acquire lavastone from depths of Torath Ka.


Now I feel stupid about my worries about sailing to Kieran empire. We visited the Coconut Grouve without problems, even with the dungeaon looming over us, as we talked and drank to the reunion of brothers. Tomorrow we sail for Kiera to resupply for our voyage to Coaker Mountains.


In Kiera, I again let my crew to take it slow and drink all they want. I gotta admit, even I’m impressed by them using all their pay so quickly. Asrael even asked for loan to pay for his girls and rum. While the crew started drinking at the noon, I visited the market. I found out that they could sew the salamanders hides to armor, able to withstand fire. After paying and leaving them to their work I, too, headed for the tavern to block out the thoughts of doubt.


All our luck seems to have run out in one day.

First, we lure inquisition ships to take notice at us. Then our main sail ripped, leaving us dead on the water. Now we are faced by witch hunters, ready to kill all magic users, on a ship with three mages on board. I’m not sure if I can handle this peacefully. I feel the whole crew to tense up as the inquisition enters our ship. I’ve ordered them to keep weapons at hand.

This might turn out ugly…

Captain's Log #25 Fire of Torath Ka
by Captain Locke Montoya

Whole Ugak village waiting for feast of gods and we managed to disappoint them. As rest of crew didn’t get to village in time it was up to me to sneak Malai out from there. When they noticed me on way out, Bos released their captured yellowbacks on them and all of us got out without a scratch.

We continued east along the coast. I took small group to volcano and left rest to calibrate chronometre and watch the ship. We needed to find lavastone for Bluth’s magical stones and ritual to fix them.

Entering volcano is madness without protection from heat. Thomas enchanted me, Bos and Kylie and we started climbing down the pit. There we ran into salamanders that were according to Bos different from usual beasts, changed by their living place. As we attacked them we noticed some things: water hurt them, their tails weren’t armored like all other parts of their body and that whatever burned inside them allowing them to breath fire exploded when they died. With some burns and wounds we made it low enough to get our hands to right kind of lava stone. I was tired and releaved to be so close to our price..

Then I heard something huge breathing at end of cavern. The volcano shook under its legs as it rose from its sleep.. and then the beast roared.

Bos answered its challenge with his warcry.

Captain's Log #24
by Captain Locke Montoya

Once again Rebecca’s Ghost anchors in New Madrid. I find it hard to leave this time.

As we left, I found some wellpaying cargo. While sailing we had to avoid some pirates so travelers wouldn’t get scared. Bos is quite irritated by that. Choosing Tomas as first mate probably didn’t help.

From Baltimus we continued to Brigandy Bay. Waiting to set chronometer we visited the black market. Now I have two maps that claim to be same french captains treasure maps. Other points to south of Swindon and other has just drawings… they seem familiar to me, but not sure from where.

As we visited taverns, the three pirates that run the place wanted to see me. Warning, mostly. I tried to see if they could be talked into helping with hags… no such luck. Only the visitor was interested and Swift Deaths doreen captain seemed ready to kill me then and there. Need to be on my toes in the future. Rumors also tell that trading companies are having some kind of disputes. This might change things in future..

Torath Ka. Looking for rock formation in the map I returned to red pool where cpt. Abrahams was killed. Didn’t find anything, apart from small group oh Ugaks. Continued further east to find Malai and saw a bonfire. When we arrived, we found tracks leading to forest. There we found Ugak village, getting ready for feast honoring the walking gods. We could hear screams for help from one of the huts. Hopefully we can save them before it’s too late.

Captain's Log #23 Magic, peglegs and talking head
by Captain Locke Montoya

Not a day had passed after we got our hands to names of hags when a storm came from nowhere. Incinerator and Redbeard attacked again, but we escaped quickly. Does he sense the triangles, or was he sent there by hags to stop us?

Before venturing to Bluth’s Crown, we lowered anchor on Azy Cay. There we met “stumpy” Pete, a sailor with two peglegs. He told a tale of his adventures and about treasure they left behind. After a barrel of beer and talking we were set to sail and find that treasure after our visit to crown.

Crown is quite strange place. Two dozen mages learning magic in towers every day. I asked them about golden triangles, hags and my wound, that still seems to be getting worse. Didn’t get much out from them. They said that they could use the stones set middle of village, but they were crumpling from too much use. A ritual could revive them they said and told us about what they needed for it. Gold from Kehana Flumes, lava from volcanoes in Torath Ka, Air from Coaker Mounains and water from flotsam sea. With our route, we should be able to get those things, power from “stones that brought magic to Caridbus” could prove to be important in our guest. Bos also asked for week to learn magic.

Sitting around got under my skin.. me and couple men from crew went to stroll around the woods… Arn Abel fell as razorwings and monkapes attacked us. Losing first mate like this affects crew badly… it affects me badly.

Finally we departed and sailed to Azy Cay to start our treasure hunt. While in there I got in talks with Azy herself. She had heard about me and my work to get Rana out from Kiera. As she talked about it being a good thing and talking about helping women down in their luck, I couldn’t help but be scared. How many know about Rana? Where she is? How powerful Livis could be? It’ probably nothing, but its good to visit New Madrid after our trip to treasure island, make sure she stays at her toes.

Quite a treasure. Third of golden triangles and a mummified head, that talked when touched. It talked about powers and helping against hags before returning to its dead state… and gold. Lots of gold. And undead monkapes and giant monkapes trying to steal the head. Now it seems good that I let Bos to study magic. Now he cand grow somekind of sandarmor around him and become as large as the giant monkape. Still I can’t help thinking that his powers were acquired with Arn Abel’s life.

Need to stay sharp. Rufus might be waiting for us again.

Captain's log #22 Among noblemen, play to remember, diary of Byron Balrimus.

Swift Death. Rumors tell that it is a pirate Kieran Cutter, captained by doreen named Brays. This is second time we encounter landtroops it has left to act on their own and disappeared.

As I and Bos ran toward the smoke we catched pirates looting the buring farm. Needles to say we attacked without hesitation. After felling pirates I focused on saving some of the wounded farmers. Seems that at that time leader of those pirates escaped. We took some of the live pirates to be convicted by Tuck’s farmers. They thought that we killing those pirates would get those pirates to think twice before attacking again. I hope they’re right, but I fear that Swift Death will return to plague weak farmers around these parts. Still we left for Baltimus.

This town seems to unfold new layer of filth everytime we visit. We decided to approach nobles and possibly Baltimus through theater again, to get our hands to Sea Hags’ true names. We got a deal that we would get invited to theater act that was kept to find allies to trading company. Some rumors float around tha in last tradecompany meeting, something happened and now things are gettig more tense between them. As we headed to tavern to write some guidelines to our fakeplay to get that invitation, some shady character tried to hire us to assassinate Bruno Baltims. He talked about some legendary magic sword he would give us and getting revenge againt Baltimus and his court for what they did to his daughter and famil but wouln’t go to detail. This haunted me for a while, but one doesn’t go to assassinate one of the most powerful men in Caridbus without strong evidence…

Our script got the wanted effect and we were invited by Lazenby to this theater night. Bos and I attended. Play was named “Merchant in Venezuela”. Reminded me of other side. It seems like a lifetime ago now…

Then the assassins hit us. They were after Lazenby. We and couple brave adventurers defended Lazenby against them, saving his life. He offered 3000 pieces of eight as thanks, but we asked if he could try to get us the names of Hags. Sure enough couple days later old diary waited us in Company’s office.

Mala, Maka and Mana Mallus. The ones haunting the Devil’s Cross. The ones drowning this world. The ones who were about to be challenged. Still, there is work to do, if we’re going to survive our voyage to Flotsam sea.

Captain's Log #21 Farewell and unexpected discoveries
by Captain Locke Montoya

We departed from New Madrid today. Rana came to see our departure. I thought that she acted weird. Then she.. then we… huh, didn’t even think that she was interested…


Tomas came to talk. Commented something about my inner fire, referring to Rana I reckon. Proceeded to ask if Annie was free for taking. That womanizer is quick to adapt it seems…
Feels like I should have talked with Rana more… first time for everything it seems. I’m actually waiting to return to New Madrid. Am I crazy? I might be dying… damn it. Need to focus.


As we came to Caresia I needed a drink. Trade companies were meeting in there so town was quite lively. After hard gambling and drinking I woke up in strange house the next morning. There was a parrot there, seems that I bought it while drunk. After getting my bearings and some food for parrot, it repeated a conversation it had overheard. Something about burying treasure and marking it with cross to old tree. After some searching we found chest on marked place. What was inside took me off-guard. Some kind of magical statue and a golden triangle, like the one we found in Mad Dog’s cargo. Seems that there is more to Red Beards treasure than we thought.


From Caresia we headed for Tuck. There we met Joshua Goldstain that needed help calibrating his chronometre for Caridbus. I offered to help. We also heard about pirate raids and looked around for their tracks. We found one of their shoring places, but nothing else… until we came back to village and saw smoke rising in north.

Captain's log #20 Fencing, treasure hunting and retirement
by Captain Locke Montoya

Rebecca’s Ghost sails for New Madrid. General mood has changed a lot after leaving Kiera. Some of the crew seem to treat me differently, bit more on their toes. Some with respect, some with… something else.

New passengers and crew start to find their place. Tomas spends his time circling around women and boasting about his adventures. He and Bos have also started to talk a lot about magic and becoming mage… Scary thought, Bos being a mage on top oif his unstoppable fighting style. I’m pretty sure Kylie and Exodarion have something going on. That doesn’t really bother me, but Exodarion seems to be absent-minded around officers meetings. Hopefully it doesn’t affect his performance if his skills are needed. Rana also seems to be handling herself quite well, all things considered. I’ve tried to get her something to read and make sure she doesn’t become too bored. Annoying that she seems to take pride in making me look bad with her noblewomas education. Still I get her to shut up and listen with tales of my travels… that’s something you can’t read from books.

We came to ruins today. Kylie helped us to send Bos and Exodarion to search it. Not much loot, but crew got some free time form normal workday.

We arrived to New Madrid. Exodarion changed few words with me. It became clear why he had been on his thoughts these last days. He had started to think about settling down. He had a small fortune that would buy him a house and get him going. He said he was tired of this endless struggle against Hags, as this was his second war against them… He also said that he needed to think about future, looking towards Kylie. I must say that I understand, but him leaving is quite the blow to our crew. Maybe it isn’t his fight… or maybe he knows something we don’t. After that he went to talk with Kylie.

I headed out to find someplace for Rana to stay in. I ended up going to talk with New Madrid’s men of cloth. They offered safe place for Rana to stay in. I also told her that she should go to ask Martinez for help if she was in trouble. Hopefully she doesn’t get in same kind of trouble in here that she got in Kiera.

Losing these people felt suprisingly heavy in my mind. As we went to take couple of drinks Bos also said that if our ship was being careened here, he would loan our dinghy and leave for Whip Islands to look for some salvage. He isn’t a persoin to take it easy it seems.

I headed for Ramirez fencing school to better my skills with rapier. Bos leaved with Dumond for Whip Islands. That’s quite the feat if they actually get there.

Huh. Rumors about scurillian and a visitor rowing close to Whip Islands floating around. They say that stubborn scurillian wouldn’t approve ride in a real ship. Seems that Bos want’s to keep shares to minimum.

Bos returned and tomorrow I’ll end my two week training under Ramirez. After that we’re going to head to South, Baltimus and Bluth’s Crown. Maybe in Bluth’s Crown we would get some information about Hags and golden triangle that Redbeard is looking for.

Maybe they could help me with wound that Telimos gave me… If they can’t I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

Captain's Log #19 Shady cargo
by Captain Locke Montoya

Three liberated elementalist prisoners, taken from Kiera’s safest prison and a kidnapped senator’s daughter that didn’t understand why we took her. To top this up I humiliated officer of Kierain duel for the honor of the same girl I kidnapped later on to help his father. I think that I had right to be looking over my shoulder as we sailed from Yumas.

Rana Racen was quite the headache at start, for obvious reasons, but after I showed her the chest and letter her father gave us, things got a lot easier. I actually believe that she enjoys to travel and likes to see northern seas.. She isn’t actually that troublesome now that we have left Kiera behind… during our talk she noticed that Zarkhaels pet had something maplike in its shell. She might have wild imagination, or she might have spotted something important. Suprisingly adventurous type this girl and drinks like a sailor.. for a highborn.

Our second new female crewmember Kylie seems to be spending quite a lot of time with Exodarion. Not sure if its interest in magic or in person.. Huge piles of gold that Exodarion now has with him also might have something to do with this, but I’m quite bad at reading women it seems.

After two days of sailing we saw a Roc that approached. We couldn’t outrun it with the wind and it tried to grab our ship. Then Bos jumped from sail and severed the gigantic birds head like it was nothing. Sadly it still dragged three men with it to death and did some minor damage to ship. Even though we have been hardened by our travels, sometimes this world still gets a drop on us.

When we sailed to Cold Sea, weather was beautiful. I’d almost forgot how good it feels to sail on new seas. I sure wait to see the white rock called Arfk. We’d be in Kaja in matter of days. Rana seems to spend more time on deck even with weather being this cold. She also seems to appreciate these waters.

Grik left as soon as we came to Kaja. This northern town clearly looks the part of hunting settlement, with large marketplace for hunters to sell goods made from their prey, two dark and plain taverns and more Grael than I thought there were in Caridbus. After visiting market and pondering with Bos if we should go hunt our own Blue Bears and seals, but decided against it and chose to visit taverns instead.

As we walked to Holey Grael, Rana was already had quite a few drinks and shouted for me to join their table. There was a grael who had came across a map… a map that had islands marked to locate east from Kiera.. something outside known lands and rich with gold. I gladly paid 100 pieces of eight for it. Maybe after we’d got some more time we could sail there and pinpoint these isles for all maps. After few more drinks we headed for the other tavern. There I ended up in talks with masaquani with strange blue skin. His name was Kaleb Kandelas and he said that his skin changed colors in explosion at cold sea. He told about the ship he sailed on that carried gold and gunpowder. After a while we came to understanding and decided to salvage what what left of the ships cargo.

Next day we headed for wreckage with Kaleb’s instructions. He warned us about Orca’s and whales and so we chose to send a scouting party to find the wreck. Bos and Exodarion got magical protection from Kylie and went with Kaleb. After some time they brought with them chest and two dead Orcas. Bos proceeded to make some food from Orcas as we opened the chest. It had gold for 10 000 pieces of eight and a magical hook. We agreed to share gold with Kaleb and we also got the hook. This should keep Rebecca afloat for quite few months.

Now we’ve taken course to New Madrid. I should visit Ramirez as duel with Cpt Livis showed that my fencing skills aren’t that magnificent.. good thing that I don’t blindly trust in swordsmanship.

Livis. That man really didn’t deserve girl like Rana. Hopefully he doesn’t discover who was behind his fiancees “kidnapping”. That could spawn loads of problems with Kiera.

Captains log #18: To be or not to be a pirate?
By: Exodarion

We have been saved three mages from certain dead and now this task. Well hope people in this world still has morals.

Tear of Lys

We had just got it our hands, Tear Of Lys one of the most rarest magical item there is. Brave and great warrior should tell tragic story, so tragic even a greatest warrior should be dropping tears after telling it. And when warrior’s tear touch this relic, it should show a vision that answers our question. Of course Bos was our great champion. Scurillian tragedy was a little bit of different from ours, but it did the trick.. Bos told us about his wife, how its normal to argue everyday and almost kill each other in Scurillian relationship, how she died in a great fight and Bos should die like a true champion should in a great battle and how he haven’t had that yet. He had tried everything to get killed, he lived in Torath Ka for a while but still he stays undefeated.

I was so in to his story, I didn’t even noticed that he stopped talking and dropped a single tear on relic. I woke up when relic started shine bright light. So bright that it hurt to look at it, but still you can’t get your eyes out of it. Then all kind of colors started flashing, like they where dancing on air. Few seconds later vision started to show up;

I saw King Amemnus standing on a rocky shore and three women tied up to a poles. Amemnus had breastplate that had a Golden octopus melted on it. Next to him, stands Byron Baltimus, he had a breastplate too that had seal too. In his seal was leaping shark on it. ( Both of the seals was their family seals. ) There was two other figures too, but they where blurred so I or anyone could recognize them. Amemnus starts reading judgement for those three women. They’ve been convicted for an act of witchcraft, their father and sisters murder killed by drowning and for mercy of the sea. Three women cursed King Amemnus to drown, and when his corpse floats by their side, should his nation to be drown too as those three women did.

Vision ended and seems like this relic is a single use item. Captain Montoya orders me to write all this down to a Captains log and we continued sailing towards Timin. At there we went to a tavern, like sailors usually do. Few mugs too much later, we overheard senators daughter preaching about Jarris Jant, how he is a son of a whore and how he is bigger than a biggest whale in a sea. Our Captain tried to calm her down, but because of big mouth he get challenged in a duel, ’cause he offended senators daughter. Duel takes place tomorrow at noon.

Duel Day

Mister Inters, that had challenged our captain to a duel, gave his honor to a Captain Livis, Rana Racen’s soon coming fiancĂ©. Locke had chance to choose weapons. Swords it was, and duel till another yields or can’t fight anymore. Duel starts;
Locke starts strongly bu jumping over Livis, but Livis blocks it and says:
Your mischiefs doesn’t help you in this fight.
Locke starts to thing new tactics for this one. He starts to push Livis towards a pillar and Livis shakes pillar so hard that clay jar falls on his head. Locke tries to take advantage on this situation tries to disarm Livis but a bit too late. Livis saw this one coming too and fight goes on.
Livis chance his fighting hand on his left to a right and says:
Didn’t see this coming, didn’t you?
Locke answers and chances his sword on his right to a left.
Livis slices Locke’s shirt open and a nasty scars of his reveals.
I knew this Says Livis. Get out of my great town you rotten dog!
Well, I was, but then this get on my way.

Livis lose his temper and strikes with a force. Locke dodges, but his back hits on a wall a bit too hard. Livis continues with his furious attacks, but he is too slow for a Locke’s speed.
I thought that a important man, like you Livis, should have better things to do
Don’t worry, this won’t take much longer

Livis tries to kick Locke down to a stairs, but Locke jumps in a middle of stairs and says:
Well, its nice of you to take this fight to a poor people to see.
Of course, everyone has to see you lose

Locke knocks windows and tells everyone to come out and take a look. When people starts to fall out Locke continues:
Let’s see can I finish this and shut your big mouth
Locke hits Livis with his blunt end of a sword and Livis falls down.
That’s what you learn in Martinez fencing academy on New Madrid. Thank you. Locke bows and points his sword at Livis
You fight well for your lady, Locke turns around and heads toward docks. He turns around when Livis says couching blood
Hey, wait up. What is a name of a man I just fight?
Locke, Locke Montoya, Captain of a Rebecca’s ghost
Locke Montoya, bag your things and get out of my town. If I ever see you again I’ll kill you!

Locke leaves and we continued our way to Kiearra.


In there, I sold my relic that I’ve had with me for a while with a good price. Chest where bit too heavy and when I get on a ship I dropped it. Captain and Bos had their opinions why I carried so much money around but I told them what was truth. We leaved on same day towards Yumas where we should “rescue” Senator Racen’s daughter, Rana from forced marriage. It should look like a kidnap and theft. After a short moment we had a plan. Captain and Bos gets to a roof on Racens mansion, sneak up to Ranas room and gets her out of building with no alert at all. Me, Kylie and few other sailors got their backs at the mountain just next to mansion, if something goes wrong.

When we waited Bos and Captain, Kylie asked me about my past, why I joined Rebecca’s ghosts crew and why I choose Fire. Well, I told that I have been always get excited about fire. How it can be live safer and how easily you can take live with it. Why I joined the crew I told that somehow everything had gone terribly wrong on other ships, Deaths of old crew mates, destruction of fleets, disputes between crews and how in this ship, I can live different live than my past. I can feel myself free.
When I told myself I noticed Kylie getting closer and closer. She started putting her hands around me and then I heard rumble at the garden. Bos and Captain had been caught. I started throwing fire around garden and told Kylie put down my fires when Bos, Captain and “package” had been get a good distance about guards. Our teamwork worked fantastically and when we left back to our ship, Kylie gave me a look like she has some kind of feeling for me. Well, time will tell what’s really goes through in her brains.

Do I have anything against her feelings? Simply answer. NO!

Captains log #17: How I saved the world: Chapter 2
By Bos The Scurillian

After a long journey from the Teeth, I arrived in Paltos. I had deduced that Tomas should be here. How, you ask? Simple. Tomas was a crewmember on the Valiant. Valiant is a privateer ship. Privateers catch pirates. Pirates are taken to the Paltos prison, until they are given a spot on coaker mountains. In conclusion: Tomas should be in Paltos. Our crew needed a drink and the company of promiscuous women, so we visited the taverns Paltos had to offer. In the Coconut Grove, the bartender challenged us:

“Bwahahaha! I bet ye can not beat my pet monkape in a coconut throwing contest!”

“Bah! Even though I have an important mission right now, I always have the time to beat the lesser races blindfolded!”, I said.
And so I did. Blindfolded, back turned to the goal basket, I threw the coconut to the basket multiple times, proving my skills. After this, the bartender fell on on his knees and begged:

“Oh valiant hero, you must help me. My brother is shipwrecked in torath-ka, the savage land. You are the right person to save him!”

“Of course, because I am a greater being. My heroic schedule is quite full, but I will consider this request when I have the time.” I said and went to the Gaoler’s Due, looking for an actually challenging challenge.

In the other tavern, the crew was drinking. I saw a table full of people playing cards and discussing. They seemed to be privateers, so I joined their table. I was told that the man we were looking for, Tomas De’Orinjo, was in the dreaded prison of Paltos.

“Tomas, our fire mage, was arrested when we arrived in Paltos. He was a honest, hardworking mage. He is innocent! But alas, no man can break in or out of that inescapable prison.”, said a crewmember of the Valiant.

“But I am no simple man. I am Bos, the scurillian. I shall help thee to break Tomas out of the inescapable prison of Paltos.” I said

The crew cheered, even though I had just won almost all of their money with my great gambling skills. That night I hatched a plan of nigh epic cunningness. A few of our and the Valiants crew would cause a distraction if it would be needed. My plans never need backup plans, but just to calm the nerves of the lesser men following my plan, I allowed it.

At nightfall, we climbed on a cliff next to the prison. Then Locke threw a grappling hook to a cliff, creating us a zipline. I bravely went first and landed silently on the prisons roof, disappearing to the shadows. The crew followed. I led our team in the dark, calculating the routine of the guards, giving the crew more time to sneak past them. When we got inside, I followed my heroic senses to find the man in need of our help. Tomas was in a sturdy cell, shackled to the wall. In that cellblock were other captives in need of our help.

“How will you free us? None of you have the keys or lockpicks to open these cells!” Said Tomas.

“Do not worry, I have the ultimate skeleton key. ME!” I said, and started to bend the bars. Even though they were at least inch thick metal, I shattered them instantly and silently. And I repeated the same to the other cells and their shackles.

After that we just ran out of the prison. The guards tried to raise the alarm, but we were swift and ran on top of the walls surrounding the prison. A longboat was waiting for us in water, 200 feet below us. I kept the guards busy while the others jumped. Then I followed. It was a jump of freedom and justice. The cool breeze swished my cape as I was falling, but I knew it could not hurt. My shell is tougher than a mountain, hardened by the icy winds of Arfk.

We swam to our frigate and I finally got the names of the others that I saved. They were mages: a masaquani Kylie Kirrow and a kraken Grikk.

Tomas approached me and gave me a pendant.
“I am in debt to you, great hero. Take this. It is the Tear Of Lys. It can give you visions to help you. To activate it, you must tell a story of great tragedy that has happened to you. And you must tell this tale in front of fellow warriors and shed a single tear on the pendant.” Said Tomas.

I gracely accepted the pendant and thought:
“This will be hard, for I have shed tears only once before in my lifetime, when I lost Emmas…”


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