50 Fathoms

Captain's Log #24

by Captain Locke Montoya

Once again Rebecca’s Ghost anchors in New Madrid. I find it hard to leave this time.

As we left, I found some wellpaying cargo. While sailing we had to avoid some pirates so travelers wouldn’t get scared. Bos is quite irritated by that. Choosing Tomas as first mate probably didn’t help.

From Baltimus we continued to Brigandy Bay. Waiting to set chronometer we visited the black market. Now I have two maps that claim to be same french captains treasure maps. Other points to south of Swindon and other has just drawings… they seem familiar to me, but not sure from where.

As we visited taverns, the three pirates that run the place wanted to see me. Warning, mostly. I tried to see if they could be talked into helping with hags… no such luck. Only the visitor was interested and Swift Deaths doreen captain seemed ready to kill me then and there. Need to be on my toes in the future. Rumors also tell that trading companies are having some kind of disputes. This might change things in future..

Torath Ka. Looking for rock formation in the map I returned to red pool where cpt. Abrahams was killed. Didn’t find anything, apart from small group oh Ugaks. Continued further east to find Malai and saw a bonfire. When we arrived, we found tracks leading to forest. There we found Ugak village, getting ready for feast honoring the walking gods. We could hear screams for help from one of the huts. Hopefully we can save them before it’s too late.



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