A kehana who tries to follow the Way of the Warrior


Agility d8
Strength d10
Smarts d8
Vigor d8
Spirit d8

Fighting d12+1
Shooting d6
Swimming d6
Notice d6
Knowledge: Masaquani d6
Boating d4
Stealth d4

Charisma -2 (-4 with doreens)
Pace 8
Run die d10
Parry 8
Toughness 6

Habit – Unwholesome Appetite
Racial Enemy – Doreen

Overconfident (major)
Quirk – Intense hatred of pirates (minor)
Greedy (minor)

0: Agility d8 (Hindrance points)
0: Smarts d8 (Hindrance points)
5: First Strike
10: Strength d8
15: Quick Draw
20: Level Headed
25: Sweep
30: Spirit d8
35: Frenzy
40: Improved Frenzy
45: Strength d10
50: Trademark Weapon
55. Weapon Specialisation: Long sword/Katana
60: Vigor d8
65: Imp. Level Headed
70: Fleet Footed
75: Imp. First Strike
80: Professional: Fighting

Other notes:
Natural weapons – Claws and teeth


A kehana with reddish scales who usually wears a dark blue kimono with leather armor underneath and a jingasa. He’s an ex-pirate who was marooned on an uninhabited island until he was rescued by Japanese fishermen. These fishermen took him to their village where he was taught bushido, the way of the warrior, by the village warriors. It is there where he adopted the name Akami. After leaving the village, he travelled around Caribdos offering his services as a bodyguard and a mercenary. Although Akami tries his best to follow the warrior code, him being a kehana sometimes makes it difficult.


50 Fathoms Ridge