Captain Livis

Captain of watch in Timin


Soldier in his posture, politician by his mind, Livis is confident man that has born to rise above others. His is a non-compromising way that has gotten him some friends in high places and bit more enemies lower in status, that has resulted in his position as captain of the watch. Still he is tired of nobles not taking his seriously and has set his mind to rise to nobility.

Livis is confident in his skills and loves to showoff his superiority. He is one of best swordsmen in Caribdus and loves to mock his enemies by fighting with his offhand. He seeks to come across as gentleman and upholder of justice, but beyond his appearances he is a ruthless man, thinking that world has treated him with injustice as he is naturalborn leader born into wrong family.


Livis was born to workingclass family in Kiera. Quickly he discovered that he was smarter than his fellow youngsters and that he had potential to be something more. Still Livis understood that he needed to get away from his family and their work, but he wasn’t sure how to achieve this.

Then Ograpog fell and flood started. In chaos, military started hiring more soldier to answer crisis. Livis knew that his time had come. Military career would allow him to rise above others as long as he honed his skills in battle and his smarts would give him edge in political side of military. After years of training his sword was feared across Kiera. Livis had gotten appreciation from nobles, but only as an tool, never as an equal. Despite his intelligence, his military history and feared swordsmanship marked him more as a savage soldier trying to disguise himself as sophisticated man. This enraged Livis and once he lost his selfcontrol as a fat noble implied something to his family roots and Livis hit the man. His achievements in military saved him from more drastic punishment, but he was moved to Timin with no hope to rise in his career. All seemed lost to Livis..

But one night he saw the senators daughter drunk in tavern insulting emperor and a new plan came to his mind. If he married to royal family, he would achieve nobility at last. He went to see senator and told him about his options. Either girl would marry Livis, or she would end up in dungeon. Livis was finally at the verge of his nobility.

Then Rebecca’s Ghost shipwrecked to shores of Kiera…

Captain Livis

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