Eder Amets "beautiful dream"

Magical rapier

weapon (melee)

DMG: Str+d4+2
Weight: 3
Parry: + 2 (+ 1 is magical)
Notes: Parry + 1 mundane, fighting + 1 (+ 1 is magical)


This beautifully made Rapier was found in wreckage in Mermaid Rocks. The ship had crashed, probably because helmsman was under the spell of mermaids. After crew of Rebecca’s Ghost fought off the mermaids, Captain Zarkhael and super Trix dived to take a look of wreckages lured to dangerous waters by mermaids.

Rapier was given to Locke Montoya as booty, as he preferred rapiers and was the one to take Mermaids Rocks idea to captain. Locke named the sword with the mermaid song and is effects in mind.

Eder Amets "beautiful dream"

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