50 Fathoms

Captain's log #26 Inquisition takes notice

by Captain Locke Montoya

When the battle between monsters seized I was bleeding badly and in need for Annie’s healing skills.

Bos also was battered, but also disappointed that in the end beast had fallen as the floor collapsed under us during battle. I think that he starts to doubt that my ship can offer glorious battles to him and that he might lose his life to some meaningles foe. Still m y pla to sail to Flotsam Sea seems to keep him interested in our mission. Still, marching deeper to Torath Ka’s jungles. climbing the moiuntain and facing dangers on this voyage are the moments he seem ed to enjoy himself the most. A true warrior, looking for thrill of the fight over all else.

There was a time I went to adventure with same mindset, with no fear for my own life, as nothing couldn’t be worth of not seeing new things, but now I’m not so sure… Now I actually have a reason to returrn and I’m not sure how to live with that feeling.

Still, there is larger things at stake than my own life and happiness.


Walking from the mountains back to shore felt like eternity with this heat on us. Kylie tries to ease our march with her magic, but still fainting and hallucinations shadow our march.


FInally back at the ship. Water. Don’t feel like writing now, going to swim.


Our sailing towards Kiera starts. In there we can relax and get more provisions. I hope that we’re still welcome there after our last visit to Kieran empire. Men need rest and possibility to spend their money. I hope that Livis didn’t have friends in high places or reason to suspect us. Still there is uplifted tone on ship as we managed to save Malai and acquire lavastone from depths of Torath Ka.


Now I feel stupid about my worries about sailing to Kieran empire. We visited the Coconut Grouve without problems, even with the dungeaon looming over us, as we talked and drank to the reunion of brothers. Tomorrow we sail for Kiera to resupply for our voyage to Coaker Mountains.


In Kiera, I again let my crew to take it slow and drink all they want. I gotta admit, even I’m impressed by them using all their pay so quickly. Asrael even asked for loan to pay for his girls and rum. While the crew started drinking at the noon, I visited the market. I found out that they could sew the salamanders hides to armor, able to withstand fire. After paying and leaving them to their work I, too, headed for the tavern to block out the thoughts of doubt.


All our luck seems to have run out in one day.

First, we lure inquisition ships to take notice at us. Then our main sail ripped, leaving us dead on the water. Now we are faced by witch hunters, ready to kill all magic users, on a ship with three mages on board. I’m not sure if I can handle this peacefully. I feel the whole crew to tense up as the inquisition enters our ship. I’ve ordered them to keep weapons at hand.

This might turn out ugly…



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