Usually hostile or uncooperative towards civilized races, these rocs are found before they have hatched and are raised among player characters as Sidekicks. Unless otherwise stated, all abilities and Edges which modify Size affect only Toughness, not Strength.

Due to their varying Size, rocs eat a different amount of provisions during their lifespan. They eat 2 Provisions per day, modified by their Size. The roc eat fish, small animals and fruits.

Racial Abilities

Animal Intelligence
The roc can’t speak civilized languages, but can be trained to understand simple commands. They automatically understand their owner’s command (the player character whose Sidekick the bird is), but have to roll appropriate Knowledge (language) Skill if instructed by others.

Rocs are birds, and can only hop if not able to fly. The roc start with Pace of 4 and a running die of d4.

The newly-born rocs are about the size of a large dog. They are born Size -1 and thus have Toughness -1.

The roc don’t have hands, only talons and a beak. They can’t use swords, shields or other tools that need a hand.

Autonomous head
The roc are able to use their beak for an action (typically an attack or picking up something), without incurring multi-action penalty. Unlike Scurillian Pincers, the roc’s beak is considered a part of the creature and benefits from his Edges and suffers multiaction penalties caused by other actions.

Natural Flyer
The roc starts with Flying Skill at d6. Note that the bird can’t actually use it before his wings are developed enough.

Warm Feathers
The roc fly high above, in the cold winds. They gain +4 to all rolls resisting cold.

The roc are perfectly happy spending their time on the sea, flying above the sea level. They don’t suffer Cabin Fever.

New Edges

Requirements: Novice
The roc has started to grow and its soft lizard-like skin has begun to harden. Remove the Hatchling ability, and gain +1 natural armor.

Young Roc
Requirements: Novice, Rocling
Increase Size by +2 and Strength (and maximum Strength) by +2 die steps. The
roc is classified as ‘Big’, which falls half way between Medium and Large; attackers
add +1 to their Fighting or Shooting rolls when attacking the roc, and the roc
suffers a -1 penalty when attacking back.

Juvenile Roc
Requirements: Seasoned, Young Roc
Increase Size by +2 and Strength (and maximum Strength) by +2 die steps.

Adult Roc
Requirements: Veteran, Juvenile Roc
Increase Size by +2 and Strength (and maximum Strength) by +2 die steps. The roc is now classified as ‘Massive’, which falls half way between Large and Huge; attackers add +3 to their Fighting or Shooting rolls when attacking the roc, and the roc suffers a -3 penalty when attacking them back.

Mature Roc
Requirements: Heroic, Adult Roc
Increase Size by +2 and Strength (and maximum Strength) by +2 die steps.

Fly and Dive
Requirements: Novice, Roc Wings, Martial Artist, Survival d6+
Catching fish has become this roc’s second nature. Every full day spent sailing, without encounters or departing or arriving in port, the roc may make a Survival roll as if the ship would’ve encountered Game, gaining provisions as per the encounter. Every 50 Provisions gained this way may be stored as a cargo space worth of Food, if stored before arriving to the next destination.

Master of the Winds
Requirements: Novice
The roc no longer suffers background damage from winds and Air Magic. All direct attacks from Air Magic have their damage reduced by 4 and the roc gains +2 to all opposed rolls against Air Mages.

Lord of the Winds
Requirements: Seasoned, Master of the Winds
As above, but damage is halved and the roc has +4 to all opposed rolls.

Requirements: Novice, Young Roc
The roc has become accustomed towards civilized races enough to ride on. For every two points of Size the roc has, he may carry one human-sized passenger on foot. For every 4 points he has, he is able to carry and fly a single passenger. If mounted, the roc is treated as mount (see Savage Worlds).

Roc Wings
Requirements: Novice, Rocling
The roc’s wings have grown enough to carry his weight. He has the Flight ability at his base Pace, with Climb 2 and the option to ’run’while flying. If the roc is Large then it gets +2" Pace while flying, but its Climb is reduced to 1. If the roc is Huge then it gets a further +2" Pace while flying, and its Climb is reduced to 0.

Swift Flier
Requirements: Novice, Roc Wings
This Edge doubles the roc’s Pace while flying, applied after any other modifiers.

Piercing Talons
Requirements: Heroic, Adult Roc, Improved Martial Artist
The roc’s talons are capable of piercing throught the thickest armor. They have AP 4 and are considered Heavy Weapon.

Roc Hide
Requirements: Novice, Young Roc, Vigor d8+
The roc’s scales have become increasingly rigid, providing an additional +2 natural armor.

Improved Roc Hide
Requirements: Veteran, Roc Hide
The roc’s scales have fully hardened, providing an additional +1 natural armor as well as the Hardy ability.

Roc Wind
Requirements: Seasoned, Juvenile Roc, Roc Wings
The roc has learned to move large masses of wind with just one swing of the wings. The roc may use Pummel ability (as the power) using Flying as Arcane skill. If he rolls a 1 on the Flying die, he becomes Shaken.

Improved Roc Wind
Requirements: Heroic, Mature Roc, Roc Wind
The roc’s ability to Pummel has improved. The targets roll against the total of the Flying roll, and suffer 1d6 damage for every inch they would’ve moved if struck by an inanimate object.

Requirements: Legendary, Mature Roc
The roc has continued to grow and mature. Increase Size by +1 and maximum
Strength by +1 die step every time this Edge is taken, up to a maximum of four times.
Note that although this Edge increases the maximum Strength, the character must still spend additional advances to increase their actual Strength.

Requirements: Legendary, Venerable
The roc gains the Gargantuan ability. It now has Heavy Armor, all its attacks count as Heavy Weapons, and it is able to make stomp attacks. Attackers can still make called attacks at -6 to target eyes, joints, and gaps in the scales (this avoids the natural
armor entirely, as well as granting the usual +4 damage for a hit to the head or vitals).


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