Brigandy Bay


When ye have a ship full of unmarked cargo and privateers hot on your heels, there ain’t no better place to head than Brigandy Bay.

It’s a true pirate town, no Harbor Masters, no City Watch and the only law is based on honor among thieves: No pirate wants to lose these few “free” harbors they still have left by stealing and crossing town full of robbers, killers and worse. And if yer looking for crew there are many scurvy dogs ready to pillage and plunder in yer name.

Town has been built on bay to make assault there almost impossible for privateer ships, forcing them to travel between srips of land, no doubt full of pirate scouts, before reaching this pirate town itself. Smaller houses and sheds that have lost or changed owners many times after the town was built, each different from next making it seem more lively than organized. Sound of drinking and fighting greet visitor as he comes to harbor. Following the sound takes one to Brigandy Bays heart: dozen taverns along the main street. Biggest and least rat infested of these is the Black Queen…

Brigandy Bay

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