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50 Fathoms

Caribdus wasn’t always a water world. It used to be several small continents with many prosperous cities, towns and villages, centered on the masaquani city-state of Ograpog. Then, 13 years ago, the Sea Hags came.

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Backstory for the setting
Setting & House Rules


  • Atani
  • Doreen
  • Grael
  • Human
  • Kehana
  • Kraken
  • Masaquani
  • Red Men (Half-Ugak)
  • Scurillians
  • Roc

Shipping Companies

  • The Spanish Guild
  • The British East India Company
  • The Kieran Trading Guild

The Locales of the Thousand Isles

Creatures of Caribdus

  • Yellowback
  • Monkape, Giant
  • Razor Wing

The Vessels of the Party

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